The manly bullying world and imperialism

The manly bullying world and imperialism

Farah Notash            Worlds Anti-imperialist Front        Women’s Power


Its name is republic and is for 4 years. But in fact, it is a new type of monarchy. Because some heads of countries, change the laws of the countries with such tricks, which allows them to stay for a lifetime. And the aim is even to transfer their rule and powers to their sons!

There is no limit to the greed and avidity of some men.

Human history has recorded by writings, paintings and sculptures the aggression and crudity of some men towards other men, women, children, nature, and societies. Since the classless matriarchal period, the bullying and domination of some men has increased together with the development of armaments until today, and civilisation has not been able to stop this trend.

After the overthrow of the matriarchal era by men, the stronger and most bullying men, by plundering and accumulating the wealth and property for themselves on one side, started exploiting the plundered and poor people on the other side. So, the classes of exploiter and exploited were established. That group of men with their aggressive disposition, have pressurised societies with class distinction until today. Neoliberalism is their latest economic and political system, which has made the class distinction even wider, and has been imposed to most countries of the world.

From the tribal and then the slavery period to the imperialist system of today, the bullying, plundering men have misused other men as slaves, hired workers, conscripted soldiers of all kinds, for their own benefits.

The usage of tricks and deceptions to infiltrate and make the men into a proxy army for their own plundering plans, is another lever of their domination.

The men’s domination by bullying, bribing, tricks, and deception, in the form of religion, nationalism or racism, or a mixture of all these and sometimes with slogans of freedom, as in the recent form of Coloured Revolutions, continue until today.

Bullying and selfishness are natural characteristics of men to various degrees. Some women also have similar characteristics, although it does not stand out in the same way.

The aggression, selfishness and instinctive domination is quite visible in boys’ primary schools. (In many countries they are separated from girls’ schools!).

Assault, battery, and rape of the smaller boys starts from the primary school era. The mobilization and campaign, the organization of gangs and cliques in the form of games, starts at primary school age, and stays with them in an uncontrolled manner in all fields of life until they die.

On the other side, some of the men to achieve power get attracted to the pyramids of power. The more opportunistic and flattering they are, the nearer they get to the top of the pyramid. In addition, flattering is a known breeding ground for dictators. The establishment of networks of informers or security organisations to protect the pyramid of power has a special


Bullying and domination always aims at achieving different forms of power. For the colonialist, it is the way to continue domination and bullying; for an organization like the CIA, it is a way to assemble a large intelligence network. Democratic freedoms in this manly world are a big lie and nothing but total deceit.

Let’s look at democracy in the USA. The USA, regardless of millions of demonstrators all over the world, with a made-up excuse, attacked and invaded Iraq in 2003. Without facing any punishment, it ruined a country, killed more than half a million people, and drove a nation to total misery, as well as plundering its resources. But when the statistics of its crimes in Iraq were published by Wikileaks, with unlimited impudence it complained of the

revelation of its crime, treating it as spying on US civil matters, and has been prosecuting Julian Assange, the founder of Wikileaks, ever since.

The USA claims that invasion is its own right, but revelation of its actions is a crime!

The USA has not paid any compensation for its huge crime in Iraq, nor has it been punished for it. But it is still persecuting Julian Assange for the revelation of its crimes and seeking harsh punishment. This is an obvious example of the manly dictatorship of Imperialism with the ridiculous name of human rights and Democracy!

Perhaps some think that in the USA, women are also in politics and so it is not a patriarchal society.

The Patriarchal system has been running the world for millennia.

The politically active women in the USA have to play the role given to them in the patriarchal system, which has prevailed for centuries.

Even the votes of the people in elections are under the influence of the votes of the Colleges! That means the central seed of the US Patriarchal Power abuses its authority and imposes its ideas onto the US people.

The US electoral system, as Iran’s Mullah regimes electoral system, which is

under the direct influence of the Guards Council, is nothing but a deception.

It is a show running for pretentiousness! The US nation, just like the Iranian nation, has no rights! And in this minority manly system of less than 1% the program runs as the minority wishes. The Women in this system are humiliated 2nd degree humans and nothing but administrators.

Imperialism is the continuation and natural development of the class system by men, long after the matriarchal system was overthrown by men, for the benefit of the minority of the most bullying men.

In the election for the 45th presidency in 2017, Mrs Hillary Clinton had 4 million votes more than Trump. But the minority’s colleges needed the fascist Trump for its dirty jobs. So, they made him president. It was the same in Obama’s time 8 year earlier! In fact, the patriarchal imperialist world, on top of all the USA, has the jungle’s bully rules. The human rights and all the other vast organisations in all different fields, are shows designed to give an appearance of civilisation and there is no sign of humanity in them. Lenin in his research “Imperialism, highest stage of capitalism”, speaks of the establishment of monopolies and the export of capital as the main characteristics of this stage. Lenin’s deeply researched the characteristics of the imperialistic era and through statistics showed there

was more intense exploitation through the export of capital than of products.

And today our question is: Was or is there anyone else behind this harsh exploitation, beside men and their hired male thinkers?

Perhaps some think of Margaret Thatcher and Angela Merkel as active parts of Imperialism!

But these women entered the system that had been created by men and already existed. And they were active to the limits allowed, and not more. And any man or woman who wishes to work in this plundering system, cannot do anything but obey. As Angela Merkel in connection to the Ukraine, quietly but completely obeyed the US, which was making Europe into its colony, dictating orders, in particular giving all sorts of help to Ukrainian fascists. And even ignored international law concerning peace agreements. But when she could decide without the colonial chief orders, she made such admirable motherly human decision, which was breath-taking. From then on, she was called mother. As the imperialist governing men build walls and use barbed wire and make Guantanamo camps against the refugees, Angela Merkel, when she accepted more than 2 million refugees in one term, made many breathless.

With this step, she became a refuge for the refugees. This action of hers is a symbol of women’s essence in support of all society. Perhaps some would like to give some inhuman reasons for her step. Then the question is, why didn’t the men with the same reasons accept the refugees, but let them to freeze to death behind their borders?

Another example, Jeff Bezos, the world’s richest man, founded Amazon with his wife, Mackenzie Scott. The divorce settlement was less than 1/5 of the

wealth they had together. But still she gave nearly half of it to charity.

The working class and middle-class women are overflowing with self-sacrifice too. For instance: in the Armenian earthquake a child was rescued after 4 days alive, as his mother had let him suck her blood, by putting her finger in his mouth. This devotion and self-sacrifice at different levels, exists naturally in women. Education and training also contribute to its increase and growth.

Domination and possession are the levers of self-satisfaction in men. This selfish domination also naturally exists at different levels in men. And this is the basis of increased Patriarchal laws issued in societies. This has caused human society to stay in this awful form of exploiters and exploited classes, which has been engineered and protected until now by men. This form of society has been accepted by the western system of government. And the leadership of the USA has been accepted as a base for the expansion and development of this ugliness, and obedience to the US Leadership is taught in the political science universities.

According to UNESCO statistics several years ago, 69% of the world’s work is done by women, but only 1% of the world’s property belongs to women! In small research several years ago in the primary schools of central Tehran, the result was astonishing. The teachers’ salaries were all received by the husbands, except one! When buying a house, it was bought under the name of the man. It is not surprising that in Iran’s new statistics, elderly women are the poorest people of Iran, and in any house, where the woman tries to assert her rights, that house becomes a hell! This is the situation from the middle class downwards!

Living conditions and relations are becoming more modern every day. But the crudity, aggression and domination of men is still rotating on the same axis.

Part 2

With the formation of classes, different and antagonistic class characteristics have also been formed in societies. Interesting enough, a different character develops in people when they change social classes. Erdogan was from a poor family. As a child, he had to sell fruit and sesame rings in the streets to help his family, but as

soon as he acquired political power, by resorting to all kinds of tricks, he became completely tied to the ruling class, defending the new class base, with class distinctions as his own private property.

Another example is the plundering revolutionary guards of the Mullah regime, all from the poor South Tehran area before the so-called revolution. When they got tied to the new power system, they forgot their original class base to serve the less-than-one-percent minority, helping them to smuggle and accumulate wealth.

Even when the working-class intellectuals established a people’s government in Russia by means of a revolution, the imperialists from the US, Britain, and other countries, made its collapse their number-one goal. And by making Hitler their own proxy, WW2 became the means for its extinction. The bully patriarchal imperialists could not and would never tolerate a system with the goals of equal rights for all. Therefore, they started infiltration programs, to paralyze the leftist forces from inside and prevent their unity. Since WW2, the USA and UK have invested huge amounts in the

infiltration of the world’s leftists. The UK took the responsibility for training different branches of Trotskyists.

The USA made use of all Mao’s anti-Russian theses in all its infiltration programs and sent super revolutionary ideologist to promote Mao’s theses among leftists. All this, by spreading horrible ideas against the USSR before its collapse, when the world was still bipolar, attracted young leftists and has paralyzed their organizations ever since. Against the USSR’s army in Afghanistan, the USA, Maoist China, Iran’s Mullah regime, and the Maoists of Afghanistan under the supervision of the Tufan Maoist party of Iran, were all fighting on the same side.

But the army of the USSR was there because it had been invited by the ruling party in Afghanistan, just as Russia was invited to help Bashar Assad after the 2011 Arab Spring. But today no one is fighting against the Taliban. Perhaps they all consider the Taliban more suitable for Afghanistan!

The Maoist party of Tufan had an aggressive position against the USSR, like all Maoists, and still uses the term “Social imperialist” in its articles. And today it is happy about the unity of the Mullah regime with Russia and China for the establishment of a bipolar world. But the world was bipolar, and the Tufan party and its co-thinkers joined up with Maoist China and the USA to ruin the second pole!

The Patriarchal USA wishes to dominate the world as one country. And as

the core of this bullying and domination is white with blue eyes, the belief in its superiority in all aspects means that it acts for the sole benefit of its own race and tribe.

In US science fiction films, this very minority group is shown with super

(imaginary – Godlike) power, in the kingdom of the unlimited universe! There is no limit to the greed of this manly minority.

Why are they afraid of socialism? Because the communists are against everything that works for the benefit of a minority. And they want everything for everybody. Because they are against the exploitation of man by man. And they want equality for men and women. Because they want no discrimination between races. Because they believe in free service for the benefit of all. In addition: there was free equal medical care for all in the USSR. In some European countries, the establishment of social insurance began after WW2.

In the USA, Obama set up a semi-insurance system in 2014 with a lot of antagonism from the Republicans Party! But when Trump became US President, the first thing he decided to do was to cancel Obama’s Insurance!

After the fall of the first socialist system, the “Paris Commune”, on 18th of March 1871, Karl Marx in his book “The Civil war in France”, emphasized the necessity of having a dictatorship of the proletariat to protect socialist revolutions. The dictatorship of the proletariat is the means for the armed smashing of the military machine of the previous capitalist system and for the protection of the revolutionary system under the decisions of the workers’ delegates in Parliament, the workers’ political organization, and their government. Re-questioning these principles is called revisionism.

Men can be classified into two main groups: the men who consider a duty for themselves to apologize when they make a mistake; and the men for whom apologizing is hard, disgraceful, and humiliating. These men, like

elephants, put their feet onto anything they want, to fulfil their own wishes.

The men who have been able to improve themselves and have acquired the characteristics of socialists and believers in equal rights, know that when they make a mistake, they should apologize. And they know that when they have been in the wrong, they need to self-criticize.

But we never hear apologies for mistakes or self-criticism coming from the minority greedy capitalist men, or even not capitalists, but campaigners with strong elements of patriarchal self-supremacy. And these, with their ugly behaviour, are continuously making society sick.

Communism wishes to grow a new type of human being, a human being who has reached a new, higher level.

Lenin was an example of this type of higher-level human being. A human who prefers the benefits of society (the collective) to personal benefits – crystal-pure and humble. He was not the sky-flying, heavenly type, but an earthy man, and a true human being.

Many Marxists, especially Maoists, believe that revisionism in the USSR began in the Nikita Khruschev era (1953 -1964). There is plenty of documental and other material evidence to confirm this.

But what has been disregarded are the condition for the establishment of Nikita Khrushchev’s perversions. Aren’t humans made by the conditions in which they live?

So why has revisionism grown to such an extent within the worldwide socialist movement?

Stalin is still owed admiration and respect for building the socialist system and the triumph against fascism. On the other hand, he reduced collective

government and law-making by Councils of Workers and Peasants to a

personal dictatorship, and that is a fundamental revision in the principals of Marxism Leninism.

Although his efforts truly changed the world, simultaneously, by imposing personal dictatorship, he established the basis for the birth of revisionism. And he laid the ground for the future overthrow of the system he had engineered, by ignoring the principles of Marxism Leninism.

Communism or the demand for equality, before taking on a political form, was a most precious element of human culture. It encompasses love and respect towards fellow humans.

Recognition that all have equal rights. It also implies standing respectably back and letting others go first.

The understanding of this requires culture, sense, and human emotion. It requires respect for borders.

It is about pure love towards human beings and society.

It is about getting to reject the law of the jungle, about civilisation and promoting people. It is about pure peace; it is about respect and caring human relations.

The demand for equality is an old human aspiration. Millennia after the fall of the classless Matriarchal System, in ancient Egypt a town was built, called Horizon (Documented in Will Durant). In this town, the houses were made with equal sizes, equal rooms, equal trees, and even equal kitchen utensils. Not long after, the town was ruined and destroyed in an attack by some power-seeking men. But the desire for equality remained among human

beings till today.

Karl Marx, by discovering the laws of exploitation of humans by humans, carefully wrote the principles for establishing a socialist society and put it within the reach of everyone.


The influence of the Russian revolution did not remain within the confines of state borders but led to the liberation of half the world from the shackles of imperialist colonialism.

The anti-colonial revolution of India, the revolution of China, Korea, the anti-colonial movement of Iran, all the anticolonial revolutions in Africa, the

Cuban Revolution…, all were born and live on until today, and all have their

roots in the October revolution. The Russian revolution was not a revolution

just for Russia, but a revolution for the whole world. The wound in the

hearts of the people of the world, due to its collapse, is a wound that can never be healed. And respect towards the Russian people for carrying out such a revolution continues to this day.

We may consider the main cause of Stalin’s dictatorship to be the pressure from all sides of imperialists, to overthrow the USSR. (Maybe the prediction of such external pressure was what made Marx see the European revolution as something that would happen as a joint movement in many countries at the same time.) And if the European parties’ leaders had not followed the revisionist Karl Johann Kautsky in WW1, and hadn’t betrayed Lenin, Russia wouldn’t have had to make the revolution alone, in which case there could have been no external imperialist pressure.)

Or we may see the cause of Stalin’s personal dictatorship in his passion to protect the newly born socialism.

Or could his dictatorship be the result of his extreme distrust of others?

Alternatively, we may believe it to be a consequence of the fact that, due to its social underdevelopment, Russia was still not ready for such a revolution.

Finally, we may think it was mainly caused by Stalin’s personal character.

Of course, finding the true reason would not change the outcome. As the revolution of 1917 collapsed in 1991, such an understanding can only help with the potential successes of the future.

After Stalin and Mao’s deaths, in the struggle against Personality Cult,

their portraits and statues were removed from public sight. And that was the beginning of the struggle against their individualities.

The author of these lines has named Mikhail Gorbachev in several articles as the greatest traitor in human history. For he brought about the collapse of the USSR, for the defence of which 32 million people had sacrificed their lives.

Last year, after the Russian invasion of Ukraine, Gorbachev died of some unknown diseases at the age of 91. His life story was published due to his death. He had clearly announced that he had become a member of the Soviet Communist Party to bring down the socialist system. And with the consultation of a female law student, whom he married later, for the collapse of the socialist system he climbed the ladder until he reached the highest position in the party.

His path began during the period of Nikita Khruschev.

And Nikita Khruschev is known for being a revisionist in the principles of Marxism Leninism and from the very beginning, he worked on undermining the foundations of the system. There is considerable evidence to confirm this. But what was the social basis that opened the way to his promotion? Wasn’t the struggle against personality cult the main reason for his promotion? So, this cult and idolatry existed, and Khruschev had the chance to be promoted in order to fight against it.

The Communist Party of the Russian Federation today remembers Stalin and his service with respect, and ashamed Maoists, printing his picture and deleting Mao’s, remember and defend Stalin as the true victor along the highway of socialism. Besides, the victory of Russia against fascism in WW2

under Stalin’s leadership still fills the heart with love and respect.

However, how did the water become muddy upstream? Which elements

caused the empowerment of Khrushchev?

The winner of the war was Stalin. And two huge tragedies stand out during his time.

The numbers of killed in Russia side are estimated as 27-32 million, but the fascists only 6 million. The weapons of Germany were more modern. And Stalin did not trust the Generals who were trained under supervision of Trotsky, and he did not accept their command easily, and sometimes was giving orders, which led to mass casualties among soldiers.

Another fact of Stalin’s personal dictatorship was the great number of executions without the due process of a court.

The sorrow of the fall of the Paris Commune is not forgettable.

And it is even more unforgettable, now that the USSR no longer exists.

In Lenin’s testament it is clearly stated that neither Stalin, nor Trotsky should take the leadership. Stalin is selfish. And Trotsky is not stable. The Politburo should lead collectively.

And this testament of Lenin’s, which is in the true spirit of Marxism, was not implemented! Some believe that Lenin’s testament was not presented before Stalin’s death.

Why was collective leadership, rather than individual leadership, not implemented? This is fundamental question every believer in socialism must ask him/herself.

The path of socialism is a collective path, any type of individualism will

destroy this way.

The dictatorship of the proletariat doesn’t mean at all, that one dictator

supporting the interests of the working class is to rule society.

The dictatorship of individuals is a renouncement of this important principle, and revising such a fundamental principle is called revisionism.

And the fact that Stalin never betrayed the nation and never took anything for himself, doesn’t make things any better. For the USSR no longer exists.

Injustice, unfairness, superficial judgments, and disregard for service given to society, are all features of ugly and inhuman behaviour. Their only effect is to divert people from the correct path and achieve the wrong results.

And making an idol of someone with serious weaknesses, can also cause terrible harm. Not only is it a distortion of reality, but turning a person with

clear selfishness into a role model will badly affect the development of

principled personalities among socialist followers.

Today, of the rise and growth of a socialist society, which changed the world and provided support, inspiration, and hope for the third world, there is nothing left, but rue and regret. Therefore, the struggle against all the reasons at the root of the collapse is a necessity.

Gorbachev, after seeing how privatization put the property of the USSR in the hands of a small minority of bullying men, partly came to his senses. He made a little self-criticism, and said that instead of destroying the socialist system, he should have reformed it.

But he couldn’t gain back the favour of the Russian people. He had only

0.5% support for the next presidential election. The unknown illness which killed him, I think was, his loneliness in the gloomy hatred of the people. He had thrown to the wind all the achievements a nation had struggled for, and which brought hope to the world.

The men who were close to Gorbachev and Boris Yeltsin, with the unlimited greed and voracity of bullies, took possession of all the wealth of the Soviet Union for themselves. They sold it and transferred the money to their personal accounts in Western banks, out of the Soviet people’s reach. And the oligarchs set up the rule of the minority as the system of government, and once again a class society was established.

It was similar in Iran. The people made the revolution 1979 for freedom, independence and social justice. But when the Mullahs came to power, and confiscated all the ex-bourgeoisie’s belongings, then Rafsanjani, one of the

top Mullahs who has already been killed by Khamenei, said: now we must

make an aristocratic class!

The plundering of national property began, which they divided up between themselves and their revolutionary guards. Just like the Russian oligarchs, they started transferring the proceeds to their own or their children’s accounts in Western banks. And this transfer is still going on. Until the day the West confiscates it all to its own benefit. Not only was there no justice for the Iranian people, but the nation understood that it had been thoroughly swindled. All the slogans of preferring hut dwellers to palace dwellers were lies!

When the Russian army invaded Ukraine, all the money the plundering

Russian oligarchs had put in Western banks was blocked. And when these accounts are blocked, it basically means the funds are confiscated. Of course, the West wants the money to pay for Ukraine’s war expenses.

There is no end to the story of bullying and tyrannical men in the world.

After Yeltsin, Putin propelled society towards nationalism. The churches were promoted again! And today the union of Russia and China puts its greatest efforts into restraining the USA and establishing a multipolar world.

It is absolutely right, the world should be organized collectively. The bully USA must not be allowed to impose sanctions on any country which it cannot dominate, and make the nations suffer under ruinous poverty. Anyhow the bully USA, needs to be collectively contained.

But a multipolar world can only be established when different ideologies

rule the world.

Otherwise, the lives of the world’s working class, at the mercy of all these

capitalists, will be drowned in chaotic poverty and misery.

From the end of WW2, containing the USA has been a wish of humanity. And fulfilling that wish, could be considered as the first step towards freedom, and the collapse of the whole system would free humans from the US Imperialist monster.

Russia and China, in their struggle against the USA, and their attempt to run the world on a collective basis, are letting the Mullahs participate as an fully fledged ally.

But the Mullahs, at this sensitive time for the understanding of this collective endeavour, not only do not show any common sense themselves, but are also

creating unrest and savagery, and while supporting this unity, are really making the Iranian nation reach the end of the rope. The Mullah regime imitate the Taliban and has made them its own model. Their theft and criminality against the Iranian nation has put them on the level of the most corrupt rulers in world history, and in close service to the imperialists.

They keep imposing the phoney hijab on women and do not stop executing people.

Besides, the Mullahs have made Mashhad, traditionally known as a holy town, into the official brothel of the Middle East, and with the establishment of so-called temporary-marriage houses (sigheh), where they sell off 12-year-old girls’ virginity to collect dollars from the pilgrims.

They have enslaved some women, which are named parastu. These young

women are misused for spying. And they have to engage in temporary marriages for such purposes. And these days they are sent to the streets in bikinis, as protestors! The films are circulating in the internet!


The alliance of Russia and China with Iran’s Mullahs for the establishment of a multipolar world, is like making a new building with the old bricks of a public toilet.

This unity could only be valuable if Russia and China had made the benefit of the Iranian people a condition of their collaboration with the Mullah Regime. In this way they could help to relieve the nation of its sorrows. But when Russia and China are careless of the endless pains of the nation and sign long-term agreements, not even informing the nation about it, then they cannot count on the friendship of this nation.

No, never … does the end justify the means.

The Mullah Regime is one of the pillars and foundations of corruption in the world. And it is making corruption under the name of shia, which is colonial, global.

The other partner of the multipolar world, or as it is called these days, “the struggle axis”, is the thousand-faced Erdogan.

His slogan for the election, against homosexuals, “The family is very important for us”, makes his greedy face for votes, uglier than ever. It is good that everybody knows that in these respectable families in Turkey, often the father of the bridegroom goes to bridal chamber instead of the bridegroom! And such families remain respectable!

He is another of the totally corrupt partners of this new pole.

The drought in Western Iran, with a great increase in harmful atmospheric particles, is not a new tragedy. It is caused by Erdogan, who stopped the flow of the Euphrates River. He did not care about causing great misery in Mesopotamia when he built dams on the Euphrates and Tigris rivers, ignoring international laws. As a result, the water levels on these rivers dropped and Mesopotamia became dry. The people of the area had to leave behind everything they had, due to the lack of water, and move into hovels in the suburbs of Tehran.

And after 2011, the co-operation of Erdogan and his sons with ISIS in plundering Syrian oil is not forgotten. And there are thousands of black spots on Erdogan’s report card!

But today for establishing a new poll, we must all kneel on the footsteps of

the 400000 Turkish mosques and pray, so in this election, the marks on the

ballot papers are not forgotten by the Turkish people!

This is the ray of hope from this little oil lamp! And we keep waiting for sunrise.

Erdogan has spent more than 30 years on the throne of Turkish power. And he still does not want to abdicate. When power is centralized and concentrated in one place, then like a stagnant water it starts stinking and rotting.

Any type of idol making is the basis for destruction and corruption.

Because idol making comes together with the humiliation of worshippers. It is a disease which spreads and brings up dictators too.

Marxism Leninism shows the path of working-class struggle to all followers of socialism. But it does not speak of erasing selfishness in every human, especially in the majority of men, though the ideology in presupposes the understanding of such behaviour.


Bullying and brutality are clearly seen in primary school boys, but it is quite different among primary school girls. The fighting between girls takes the form of quarrelling and falling out. Whereas in boys the conflict gets rough and turns into fistfights, ganging up on a child, and all sorts of brutality and humiliation, insults, and destruction of the weaker child in most cruel ways.

This instinct behaviour in boys, expands from school to the other arenas of life, until it reaches its highest point, imperialism. This manly bullying behaviour, since the collapse of the classless Matriarchal period (the first

commune), under the names of slavery, feudalism, capitalism, and imperialism, over millennia has kept societies drowned in all sorts of misery and calamity until today. And millions of men, protesting against these class societies, have been sent to waste away in the depth of horrible dungeons by the minority bullying men, who have been able to keep human societies under the bullies’ law of the jungle.

The masses are born in misery, live in misery, and die in misery. This has been the result of living in classes. And the plunderers in these patriarchal societies are building palaces on the blood of the exploited, by leaning on the armed forces, and believing in their own bullies’ right to freely enjoy the nations’ wealth.

Anything given to majority of men, in their efforts to achieve the maximum

personal benefit, they destroy it. So, against this selfish dominant monster in the body and soul of the men, a way must be found. And we need to reflect on how to prevent the appearance and growth of the condition.

The reduction of selfishness is the first step in erasing patriarchalism.

In the world scene many men describe themselves as socialists or communists. But in their close or wider environments they apply individual dictatorship. Although it seems small, and unimportant, in fact it is a strong destructive lever and one of the main obstacles in leftist unity and participation.

The majority of men in industrial countries understand and act in accordance with the equality of men and women. Whereas among men from third-world and reactionary societies, brutality and primitive selfishness can be seen in their behaviour towards women and men colleagues. This harsh

behaviour or uncontrolled speech prevents the development of the political scene and is a brake on the growth of the countries of the South or the third world.

The main problem for human societiest, is the selfishness in men at various degrees and the prevalence of bullying brutality by a minority of them in all scenes of life, including world politics.

Imperialism is nothing but the climax of Patriarchalism. Imperialism is the climax of the unbridled domination of manly brutality and bullying in the world.

The men with brutality created two classes opposing each other.

It was men who, in order to force their ideas onto others, in a way that could

not be challenged, imposed themselves as the senders of God, or “Prophets”. There have been 124,000 men who have declared themselves as Prophets, so as to impose their ideas on the people. Although Muhammad Ibn Abdullah called himself the last Prophet, after him many other religions were made by other men too.

Was there any woman who needed to be a Prophet? No. Because women are not dominant like men. And they don’t need to impose all their ideas on people, as God’s Word.

One of the Syrian writers: Ayesha (the youngest wife of Prophet Mohamad) said: every time the Prophet met Salman Farsi, his mouth drew lots of froth at night and a verse was sent down to him. (Salman Farsi was reading to him in Arabic one of the Gathas of Zarathustra.) She said that other men after Mohamad also had froth coming into their mouths. They claimed to be Prophets, but Mohamad killed them all, because he had introduced himself

as the last prophet.

All religions were supported by the oppressed people at the beginning. But none of the religions were for a classless society! And from the very beginning the oppressors joined the religions and continued their plundering under the flag of religion. Still today, religions are misused to oppress and rob the nations under the name of God.

The imperialists misuse religions to dupe and exploit the nations.


It was men who set up horrible spying and terror groups to enslave human societies, and continue to do so. And to protect their own position, they

created and are still creating armies and all sorts of armed forces.

These armed forces are not there to defend the people within the borders, but to defend the interests of those men who have imposed themselves onto the people. Those men who have plundered all the wealth of societies with a small number of accomplices. And by leaning on the armed forces, have worked to stabilize their domination and try to transfer it to their children.

Anything which is not tolerable by society can be imposed in the name of God and religion by the Ayatollahs, priests, Rabbis, and so on.

The British King Charles III, by letting the Church crown him, is admitting that he is becoming king by leaning on hypocrisy and deception.

Religions have been the means of sexual misuse of women and children.

Comparing Ayatollah Allam-al-Hoda’s notification on the temporary-marriage houses in Mashhad with the traditions in Syrian temples 3500

years ago (memories of Egyptian Sinuhe), we see there have been no changes. Both cases are about hypocritically taking advantages of the girls ‘virginity, for their own parasitical living under the name of God. These religions by hypocritically create ways of running prostitution to gain money for their parasitical living. But the Mullahs force the Hijab onto society as a way of pretending to be holy.

Most people have seen and heard Mullahs preaching “in mosques” on the internet, saying: After the age of 7, you can start patting boys! And the men start laughing! By “patting” they mean sexually misusing them.

What is the story of Said Tusi and Sayyid Ali Hosseini Khamenei (the so-called supreme leader!) in the Mansory bath of Mashad?!

Why did the complaints of the children’s parents against their rape by Said Tussi (the most famous Koran singer) in the bath, had no result?!

How is the sexual misuse of babies recommended to men?!

Mohamad Bijie, (from the band of the body organs theft), a 24-year-old man, due to deceiving, raping, and killing 22 children in suburb of Karaj, Iran, was hanged in public view, by the Mullah Regime. His mother had died when he was a child. He said in the court, that when he was a child, some men had raped him. And he complained against them to his father. And his father, instead of defending him, also raped him!

After the earthquake in Bam, a town in the southeast of Iran, the tents were divided between groups of 7-8 surviving children from the families who had died, and an adult man among the relatives. The letters which the children wrote to the psychologist on duty in the area caused her to commit suicide.

These men, in the chaotic hell of death and destruction, in tranquillity

Could rape one of these supportless little boys in the tents each night.

This loose, uncontrolled instinct in such brainless men is hateful. And in religions, not only there is no prohibition, and advise to control such a disgusting behaviour, but is a source of economic misuse.

In the notification of Ayatollah Alam-al-Hoda, it is stated how blessing it is for girls, between the ages of 12 and 25, to satisfy the pilgrims coming to Mashhad without their wives, through the temporary-marriage houses!

Millenia before Islam, in Mesopotamia the Idol of Sex and Fertility was worshipped. Therefore, this outlook has had great influence on Islam. And to attract men towards Islam, a heaven with houris (nymphs) which all the

time become virgins again, and their breasts are like pomegranate fruits and

endless sex is promised.

Whereas in Mithraism, which appeared six thousand years ago in Iran, control over all sensual desires is shown as a cow which Mithra is riding on. Artwork depicting this have been preserved in altars of southern Europe.

The bullfighting tradition in Spain was also influenced by the struggle with sensual desires, which Mithra encourages in humans. And in all different eras, many different teachings, influenced by Mithraism, have preached control of sexual instincts, and contrary to Islam, are totally against the encouragement of uncontrolled sexual desires.

Comparing sexual behaviour in different nations, it can be observed that those most strongly devoted to sexual activity are less advanced in terms of discoveries and inventions. Interestingly, the greatest buyer of Viagra in the world is Saudi Arabia!

The Mullahs are eager to spread sexual agitation and are developing

temporary-marriage houses under their control, for the only purpose of getting the dollars from the pilgrims and keeping the people focused on sex, so that they remain unaware of the disaster of the Mullahs plundering the national treasury.

The sexual instinct is one of the secondary instincts, and male thinkers have never been enslaved by it.

A magnificent example of this is, the life sentence of the Tudeh Party army officers, who spent 37 years in prison, and there were no reports of them doing anything wrong over all those years.

But the prison’s guards, would take the young prisoners from their juvenile prisons, to give them to the criminal life-sentence prisoners, for their sexual satisfaction every weekend during the Shah Period. Then prison’s clinic and the stiches!

In Catholic churches, raping small boys, choir singers, has been going on for generations! Four hundred thousand child-pornographic films were found in just one of the European Catholic churches several years ago.

The dimension of bullying, aggression and crudity in men can really be horrible.


Patriarchalism is nothing but the accumulation of capital on one side, under the protection of the armed forces of the plunderers, and killing, exploiting, and enslaving of the other side. Patriarchalism increases its pressure in repressing human dignity with the passing of time. As in Neoliberalism,

nothing else remains, nothing else is left to plunder!

Since several years ago, the plunderers have planned to install chips in humans’ brain and bodies, so as to control and enslave them.

Therefore, a serious all-sided struggle to stop the bullying and domination of the plundering men in the world, and to free the rest of the people, animals and stop the destruction of the environment, is an essential step for any human being interested in freedom from the imposed slavery.

With an apology towards all the men who themselves have been, and are, among the victims of the dominators’ aggression, today it was inevitable, to discuss a subject which had always stayed in the shade, in order to bring it

under the spotlight.

The aim has never been to destroy or disrespect men, but to find a way to free humans from slavery in this vicious circle. Without addressing the main causes of this persistent problem, there can never be any of the essential changes. Undoubtedly, class struggles without containment of individual selfishness, especially in men, will never achieve any success.

This instinctive unlimited selfishness, especially in men, needs serious containment. But on the other hand, when men have compulsory military service and learn to use weapons of individual and mass murder, and they have to fight or even die for the benefits of the greedy plundering men, the Patriarchal laws give women to them as slaves.

Kholie divorce (in Iran according to the law, if a woman requests a divorce, she gets nothing!) is not the only evidence for women having no rights in Iran. Also, all the other anti-women laws in Iran, and majority of other

countries, are devoid of a humane look towards women.

On the other hand, the educational aim of the imperialist media is to drive women onto the entertainment path. And misuse them as tools for arousing sexual instincts in men. Because since the fall of the Matriarchal system, in the capitalist world of plunderers, women have been like sex slaves and second-class humans. And men only want them for their own sexual needs. In the Koran, a verse about women reads as: the women are your farms.

All religious books are speaking to men, and women are nothing but instruments of enjoyment for men. Therefore, women must be the vanguards for the absolute separation of religion from politics, to achieve their historical rights, which have evaporated.

The women, as in the Matriarchal period, “the first communal society”, when besides managing society, they were also busy discovering agriculture, taming animals, making medicines from plants, medical treatments and … as natural behaviour, with love towards their children, and no discrimination between them, have always been naturally equipped with a kind of “desire for equality” in their essence. And they, in their nature and essence, want peaceful and secure environments for the growth and health of their children. Their strong presence, to keep under control the instinctive selfishness of men, is the main basis for the establishment of socialism. Socialism without women is never possible. And equality for women, is only possible in socialism.

Throughout history, men have shown that they destroy every single ideology with their selfishness.

It is necessary that women enter the battlefields, and with their natural

qualities, such as support and sacrifice, struggle with the men’s selfishness and domination. And with strong determination learn the foundations of socialism and start to rescue the sole human family on Earth.

All the parties from right to left are established and run by men. Today it is necessary for women to transform all organizations for women’s equality into parties defending the equality of human rights and socialist societies.

Because equal human rights exist only in socialism.

The conditions are getting harder every day. The imperialists and their servants, from Mullahs to all the others, have started to misuse Artificial Intelligence. It is not wise to delay it any longer. Speed in unity and action is the most important element in the struggle.


Erasing selfishness is the first step.

To protect political relations, restraint and politeness is necessary.

To apologize and self-criticise are fundamental principles of Marxism.

The flag of world socialism needs to be raised by women.

Women’s Power


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