It was the end of spring in Teheran when Farah Notash was born to a middle class family of Azari origin.

After loosing her mother at the age of 2 ½ years she was attracted to make objects from the soil of their little garden. Gradually she started to enjoy drawing, singing and dancing.

The waves of political storms embraced the life of the family. Prisoner anxieties and sorrow of the nearest relatives filled many years of her childhood. Later, the economical properties of her family were plundered and fined. From then on she gained bitter experiences and the knowledge of certain facts which have remained to the present time in her life.

During elementary school and later in high school, her attraction towards art was outstanding and clearly distinguished. After completing high school in Teheran, she studied and experienced art in various European academies.

The use of different materials, experiencing varying styles and changing from one field of art to the other, occurs to her without hesitation. This happens due to the emotional, aesthetical need for the best choice to express the subject. She uses symbols, shades or fine lines, soft or hard motives, harmonizing or contrasting colors right through the social problems. Valuable to her are clay, wood, bronze, chalk or stone in sculptures; oil, acrylic and water colors in painting; transparent or opaque colors or glossy ceramic objects, as well as mirrors or any other material to create her art pieces.

Her painting ranges from modern to classic, still life portraits to landscapes but always she stays a serious social realist. Studies of world mysticism throughout history, parallel to philosophical, social studies have influenced her life and art. She is very sensitive and aware of the movement and social problems in the world, showing no borders in her life or her art. Serenading poems in Persian, English and Azari languages and also singing them, comes as a true emotional choice of the language in her need to express herself.

She does not believe art as being an instrument but a path which opens windows to the hearts -

          - a kind of living with growth in love. - a challenge of dynamic living or dying for love.

Various periods


Ceramics, Sculptures


Beginning of the sun collection


Trees collection


Social realism


Anti-imperialist posters and painting


Still life, Mystic collection , Love spell


Along the Mist collection

1995 - 1996

Women's sorrow


Motherly love


Women and peace


Op-art collection


Sun eclipse collection


Greenpeace collection


Scent of Orangeri collection , Fantastic abstracts


Black and red abstracts


poems Music cd production


Mozart collection painting


Sun is still shining collection(sculptures, paintings, mirrors)


The Large painting of Gaza


Minimal and Conceptual collection, Glory of Danube


Collection 2011


Collection: standing plates Collection:  collage line painting I collection:  collage line painting II collage painting Syria


Large sample for abstract paintings all the art work in Women Power


some photo collections The large 4 season collection in Allerheiligen Park in Vienna, Swan and sky collection