from “Social Realism” (1976-80)

from "Social Realism" (1976-80)

oil on Canvas

Motherly Love

رنج زنان                           Women’s  sorrow       220x 420cm    1996

Rice Planters

Omran Has Not Died

قیام مسلحانه  و اعتصاب کارگران نفت       Armed rise and strike of oil workers       196x315cm

Light Searching Protester

They Took the Father

رفته گر           Street sweeper


شهریور1357       Jale Square on Black Friday 7th Sep 1978      90x 130cm

آزادی زندانی سیاسی            Protesting for freedom of political prisoners  80x100cm

1357 هفده شهریور - 7th Sep 1978-bloody Friday
130x 200cm

سینما رکس آبادان               Cinema Rex Abadan- 19th Aug 1978    100x200cm

بالون آمریکا                        US Ballon            90x120cm       

سیاهکل                            Siahkal- Guerilla movement in Iran 1970       80x120cm

  شکنجه زندانی سیاسی 1976    Political prisoners tortured     100x120cm          

قیام زحمتکشان                    Rise of labourers             80x120cm                                              

پرچم سوزان                       Burning flag        85x 115cm

اعدام روشنفکران              Intellectuals’ execution        90x130cm

شب های شعر 1357         10 - Poem reading nights pro Revolution 1978      130x200cm

تظاهرات شبانه                   Protests in nights   100x120cm

مادر زندانی                        A political prisoner’s mother   60x80cm

As Prison

Oil on canvas
(70x90 cm)

قیام زحمتکشان                    Rise of labourers             80x120cm

خیزش زنان سرخ                 Rise of leftist women     70x100cm

 قیام کارگر –   Protesting Worker


اعتصاب غذای مردان زندانیان سیاسی      Hunger strike of political prisoners   80x120cm

اعتصاب غذای زنان زندانی سیاسی       political women prisoners’ hunger strike    82x110cm

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