Zelenskyy wishes to meet Putin in Israel

Zelenskyy wishes to meet Putin in Israel

Farah Notash     Worlds Anti-imperialist Front     Women’s Power

Vienna 15.3.2022


Volodymyr Zelenskyy wishes to meet Russian President in Jerusalem, but he forgets, since the war has begun, he has changed his mind so many times. And for everyone fallowing the Ukrainian war, is clear that, he is getting advice from elsewhere, and he is not able to decide independently.

On the other side, he is not aware of political behaviours. He wants to meet President Putin in Israel! He is a baby and is looking for emotional support from the Jewish environment!

As earlier he asked Israeli PR minister to act as a mediator between Kief and Moscow!

The Israeli PR minister, Naftali Bennet, after meeting Putin on 7th March 2022, then German Kansler Scholz, then talking to French President Emanuel Macron on phone, gave his advice.

Bennet is basically telling us to surrender, and we have no intention of doing that, “the senior Ukrainian official said.”

But this president, who is not able to make any decisions, and the conflict of different orders and advises in him, are driving him crazy and frustrated, in his illusions believes that he can convince Putin by US ideas in Israeli meeting!

But he never remembers the years, bombing Donetsk and Luhansk, breaking 2014 and 2015 agreements, making Ukraine, as the US Bio-weapon labs and nuclear bases.

The time is running fast, and the Russian army is discovering more and more evidence of the Ukraine being terribly misused by the USA. EG: 30 US Bio-weapon labs in different towns.

Putin in his last interview for foreign press several days ago, said: “We cannot close our eyes on Atomic Ukraine. Ukraine is once again trying to have nuclear bases.

How can we accept that? This danger is also threatening Europe.

Therefore, the Russian Army in Ukraine, is fighting for future.

And about the applied sanctions, we know them as declaration of war against Russia.

Applying banned flight airspace in Ukraine is also unlikely. We tried to implement all the obligations and agreements and prevent any increase of aggression in east Ukraine. But Ukrainian government, bombed all the districts for 8 years, and with heavy artilleries attacked residential areas in Donetsk and killed 13000 people in Donbas”.

As the present and future of the Ukrainian nation, is in the hands of this puppet President, selected after 2014 US coup;

and the UN Secretary-general Antonio Guterres, has warned that the conflict of the Ukraine could possibly spiral into nuclear war;

to help Ukrainians,


 urgent replacement for this president and his government

is needed




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