The first anti-war invasion in history

The first anti-war invasion in history

Farah Notash          Worlds Anti-imperialist Front        Women’s Power  

Vienna 01.03.2022


The voice of Russian army echoed in the Ukrainian space;

hey people of Ukraine, be relieved; we are not in war with you, 

hey Ukrainian army, put your weapons down and go home, we are not in war with you.

And Russian government announced its goal of invasion: dislocating Ukrainian infra-structure and Nazi-erasing. 

A new era in humans’ life has begun. 

Why is Russia dislocating Ukrainian army’s infra-structure?

In 1991, when the USSR was collapsed due to the US conspiracy, the US Politicians signed the NATO’s close down agreement too. 

The NATO organization was established by the USA in 1949, a hypocritical plan, for so called supporting Europe from USSR’s possible aggression!

The USSR in its life from 1922-1991, never attacked any country. 

But the USA by leaning on NATO, made consecutive attacks on under – developed southern countries, and shameless attack,  plundering, and looting countries resources, became its constant job.  

In fact, the USA by establishing NATO, made its own European Proxy army for plundering and looting the world!

The USA, ignoring the 1991 agreement of NATO’s demolishment, shamelessly has made it a mean of bulling the world. And ignoring all the agreements, has become its natural character. The USA is a liar who cheats the nations with fake agreements and buys time for further bulling.

The USA is honourless looter, who attacks other countries in day light, plunders their resources, kills the people, and leaves the country in unbelievable misery, while laughing at people’s agony.  

Today, Russian army in confrontation with the USA and NATO’s bulling, who are misusing Ukraine as a bridge, to invade Russia in future, is in Ukraine.  

Today, the anger of united imperialists, together with Russian Oligarchs against this invasion, is a prof for the nature of this people’s invasion. This is a deterrent enter to stop warmongers.  

This invasion is the uprise of a reached to the end of the rope nation. The nation which has been under pressure of tiff and anger by the imperialists since 1917, till today. 

This is the uprise of a nation, which has had 32 million victims, in the same Nazi breeder warmongers invasions to the USSR, from 22 June 1941. 

In fact, this is not an invasion, this is a deterrent rise of a nation, to prevent NATO’s Nuclear attacks against Russia in future. The small soviet countries which are now being misused by NATO, to install nuclear missiles against Russia.

Hey, all the anti-war humans, and you, all the humans that, your hearts beat for a world without Nuclear weapons and other arms, today in this great dislocation of the Ukrainian army by the Russians, have a share too.

This uprise is the beginning of a new era in human history against barbarism. 

Hey, all the nations of the southern countries, and all the victims of the NATOs invasion since 1949, stand and have a share in this uprise against war and barbarism. Demolish all the NATO Bases from the earth. 

War is barbarism, and this Russian anti-war invasion is supporting peace and is a step towards promoting societies towards humanity. 

Russia is not alone in this magnificent uprise

Be closed all the NATO bases on the earth

 Peace for all the world

Women’s Power

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