A world without NATO

A world without NATO

Farah Notash         Worlds Anti-imperialist Front         Women’s Power
Vienna 24
th 2022

When Antony Blinken, the US Foreign Secretory says that USA cannot stop expansion of NATO, nor can prevent membership of any country, then he is shamelessly announcing that the USA has no respect for any borders.

Also, regarding membership of the majority of small USSR countries in NATO, which are misused by NATO for instalment of nuclear missiles towards Russia, then Russians demand for a neutral Ukraine is defenatly understandable.

In the first-place establishment of NETO in 1949 against the USSR was the most inhuman step taken by the USA and its allies.

What was the sick reason of this great hatred against a country which wanted to apply social justice for its own people?

Why should all the capitalist countries unite and make an army against a nation who has made a revolution for better future?

Wasn’t it inhuman and disgrace to establish a united compound army against the USSR?

And isn’t more disgrace to continue expanding it till today, and say we cannot stop the bloody expansion!?

Let us have look at the NETO’s activity during all these years, since its establishment in 1949. Enormous number of attacks to southern countries, plundering their national resources, killing their people, and leaving their countries in destructive poverty.

Nothing to be proud of, absolute disgrace.

The great list of these countries under US-NATO attacks can be found in all the international medias archives.

This NATO has been an army of rich progressed countries for attacking less developed countries to plunder their resources. In fact, NATO is a criminal, plunderer, looter army in the world, bulling the southern nations. Therefore, demolishing it and ending its activity, not only is necessary, but is a must, as its existence is true sign of savagery.

So, all humans in anywhere in the world who are not ashamed of looking at the mirror, has the duty to struggle against the existence of NATO.

Domination of dishonesty and hypocrisy is ruining all the agreements. Why the Ukraine government has not been obligated to Minsk agreements of 2014 and 2015? Why has it massacred 14000 people in Donetsk and Luhansk ever since? 7 years the people of these 2 states have been exposed to free massacred!

Isn’t it because Ukraine has been encouraged by those who would like to expand the NATO?

Isn’t it because the US Fascist Proxy army there, has been economically supported and promoted by the US Allies in the neighbourhood?

The politician who calls the day of invention, „Europe’s Black Day”, has to look at his own country’s role in economically supporting and promoting the fascists in Ukraine in the past 7 years! And he has to take all those responsible for this huge disaster to the court.

Under which circumstances and why the Ukrainians have been encouraged to ignore the two agreements in past 7 years?

Isn’t it the time to stop hypocrisy?!

Isn’t it the time European countries stop obeying warmonger USA?



Women’s Power

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