To President of Ukraine Volodymyr Zelenskyy

To President of Ukraine Volodymyr Zelenskyy

With love

Farah Notah Worlds Anti-imperialist Front Women’s Power

Vienna 14.02.2022

Not always the powerful countries make the vital decisions. Sometimes, in critical moments as now, the decision of the less powerful countries can be decisive.

You be the hero, of this defining moment of the world.

You, and your government, step forward with love for everlasting peace with the great nation of Russia.

The nation which is undividable part of the great Ukrainian nations flesh and blood.

The great nation, which shares historical sorrows, struggle, and challenges for hopes and making tomorrow.

It is impossible, the world cannot tolerate bloodshed in between this one nation – in two. And the world is desperately waiting for your brave rise for everlasting unity.

You and your government be the eternal world heroes, for this divine support of peace. And call Russia now for unity.

Everyone knows that the USA is expert in altering people and nations to its own cheap proxy army.

The nationalist socialists in Ukraine, must never forget the great mistake of Hitler. And they should not make the same mistake again. They should not expose themselves to be misused by the USA. They should know with repeating the same tragic mistake, they will be registered as jokers of the history and not, the heroes.

It is not courageous or bravery, it is pure simplicity, not to learn from history and make the same mistake again!

The world knows the USA and NATO are misusing ex-USSR smaller countries to break Russia in pieces. You and your government do not be the one who gives piggyback to the USA.

You do not need any US support and weapon. Please just remember the history.

World needs young brave powerful heroes

The USA on the other side of the glob, must stop conspiracy in Europe

Long live independent Europe

Women’s Power

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