Not only Putin

Not only Putin

Farah Notash Worlds Anti-imperialist Front Women’s Power

Vienna 28.01. 2022

Not only Putin, but all the humanity is sick and tired of the constant US aggression, and the US inhuman self-centred foreign Policy.

And all the people have reached to end of the rope, by the chaos, poverty and misery all over the world, which NATO is responsible for them.

Let us look at all the disasters made by the Zionist USA after its access to the Atom Bomb!

Let us have look at its sick mentality and its none stop applied hypocrisy in the world. Since its Hiroshima-Nagasaki nuclear bombing, this monster cannot be satisfied of bloodshed. And has no fear of demolishing the worlds people’s life.

The USA with utmost brazenness is determined to bring all the countries under its own domination and respects no limits. It believes killing, ruining, and plundering, with no obligation to become civilised and human, are its rights.

The US Secretary of State Antony Blinken openly says that they

cannot stop NATOs expansion, nor they can stop taking new


The NATO s Secretory General Jens Stoltenberg on 18th Jan 2022 says no compromise on bloc expansion. And he has made a mess of all European countries by placing nuclear missiles all facing Russia. He has turned Europe to a real hidden hell.

What is the reason for establishment of NATO? Why its expansion cannot be stopped?

After WW2, the Zionist USA, relying on its access on Atom Bomb, attempted to make a proxy army to fulfil its sick world dominating dreams.

So, with a hypocrisy plan, and depending upon its Atom Bombs, with an excuse of protecting European countries against the so-called aggressions of USSR, established the NATO in 1949.

And parallel, the hidden meeting of Bilderberg was stablished by the Polish and Dutch Zionists in connection with US Zionists, for orders to be issued to the world’s presidents and kings under the +

US domination every year or two.

After the WW2, perhaps European Countries under all kinds of post war problems, and preventing any further problems agreed, but later did not know how to get out of it!

Many of European politicians realised this dependency, is making Europe as colony of the USA. As in the recent years many times necessity of establishing European army has been mentioned here and there.

In the US Zionist exertion toward worlds domination, and access to world resources, the same plan is always fallowed. Breaking the countries in to small defend less countries, like ex-Yugoslavia.

The sick US dreams for Russia and China is also the same, which will never come true.

As Russia and China are equipped with nuclear weapons, the USA cannot start an open war against them. Therefore, it is using conspiracy and hypocrisy weapons. And with these weapons has been able to cause the collapse of USSR. Now, when Blinken and Stoltenberg emphasize, that they cannot stop the expansion of NATO”, is exactly confirmation of the US dream. Which the leading process has been dictated to them. They are openly saying we are on our way to capture Russia in future as soon as we can. And we cannot stop the expansion of NATO!

Europe has been deceived by US conspiracy for more than half century.

Ukraine has no problem with Russia, in fact they are one nation. All the problems are caused by the hypocrisy of the sick USA.

For many years the USA with the aim of dominating Russia, in Ukraine and other ex-USSR countries is applying conspiracy.

The US conspiracy in Ukraine has two goals.

-It is stablishing a proxy arm of Ukrainians to fight free for the US benefits against Russia. Ukrainians are being misused as

Path- straightener before US entering Russia.

-The USA is after a close land to plant its nuclear missiles against Russia on its borders.

Therefore, promotes and supports fascists in Ukraine and all the other ex- USSR countries. As the US Zionists supported and promoted Hitler to make him fight against Russia. And then the USA was one of the allies against him. Today the USA with conspiracy is repeating the same scenario in Ukraine.

On the other side any deal between Europe and Russia makes it sick, to unsettle, it goes as far as arranging a war. North Stream pipe line 2, providing Europe Gas, is a thorn in its eye!

It is the time people of ex-USSR countries wake up. And do not expose themselves to the US misuse anymore. And always remember that leader of the world is not the USA. The leader of the world is great Lenin. Who, with his leadership of the socialist revolution in Russia, changed the world. Not only the revolutions of Russia and China and all the socialist countries, but all the anti-colonial struggles in the world for freedom, are true continuation of this Great Revolution.

Salute to Lenin, who never has died.

The people of the world expect, all the ex-USSR countries, all

those, who with their great collective effort, changed the world, to unite again. They need to unite again, against their co-enemy, which is the USA. The WW2 and all its famine and miseries were planned by the USA against the Revolutionary Russia and its allies. Condemning one another instead of it, is far from truth.

World looks at Russia and its allies, who change the world, and supported all socialist revolutions and anti-colonial struggles, with love and respect.

Russia-Europe unity… will change the world
Abolish NATO

Expel US from Europe

Women’s Power

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