Don’t push the countries towards civil wars Stop compulsory vaccination

Don’t push the countries towards civil wars
Stop compulsory vaccination

Farah Notash      Worlds Anti-imperialist Front      Women’s power

Vienna 16.01.2022

When a government is dedicated in protecting a nation’s health by presenting free Vaccination, not only is admirable, but also shows the level of humanity believed by its ruling system.

But when it starts to mandate vaccination, then values fade away, and the government falls to the level of a salesman protecting the benefits of pharmacologic companies.

It was 2 weeks ago when the head of World Health Organisation Dr Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus announced the 7th round term of Vaccination. And he said: the governments of small countries, should not force the people to get vaccinated, it is useless, when billions of people on the earth are not vaccinated. Besides, all the vaccines are only 6 months effective. And vaccinated people need to be vaccinated again. Also, none of these vaccines have effect on the new mutation of Omicron. We should wait till March, when the new vaccine against Omicron is produced.

So, according to all these facts given by WHO, the illogic new running regulations by the governments, does not correspond with the WHOs suggestions, nor fulfilling wishes of the people.

That is when, the insistence for the usage of all these left-over ineffective vaccines by governments, becomes a bitter question for the people!

Look at the horrible Australian government, how cancelled the Visa of Novak Djokovic the great worlds tennis champion, for not being Vaccinated! The champion who has made many schools for children in Serbia, instead of all those schools ruined by the NATO in its tragic attacks to Yugoslavia 1999.

As if the world can ever forget the sexual abuse of Australian government on 2000 British children after WW2! When the Australian government asked the UK for some children to have more British race in its society!

No one ever heard the cry of those poor children who had lost their parents in WW2 and had become sex slaves after they were sent to Australia.

Many years later when they were old men and old women, British PR minister David Camron officially apologised those British children for being sent to Australia!

The Australian government just showed has not changed.

It has the same savage inhuman character and the same horrible mentality! It showed has no respect for humanity and worlds beloved Tennis champion who has made schools for children!

Or yesterday when a woman showed her new negative corona

test, and wanted to enter a shop in Vienna, the shop keeper did not let her in! She had to show 2 G documents (recovered or vaccinated). The health of the customer didn’t matter; her vaccinated broken neck was wanted!

So, when the governments show lack of interest to get informed with the latest news, and everyone tries to show its loyalty to the USA, then they should not be surprised, when people stand for their own rights.

Down with the USA

Down with all the biological wars

Women’s Power

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