Corrupt Nazarbayev’s system in Kazakhstanand Collective Security Treaty Organisation (CSTO)

Corrupt Nazarbayev’s system in Kazakhstan
and Collective Security Treaty Organisation (CSTO)

Farah Notash Worlds Anti-imperialist Front Women’s Power

10.01. 2022 Vienna

The question is: why the governments of southern countries, instead of listening to the complains of the people, and fulfilling their true demands, massacre them in demonstrations? And with condemning other countries for organising the riots, explain and use the expression of “it is quiet now” , meaning “we have suffocated them” then they continue their criminalities again.

When the peaceful demonstrations are always massacred, then is there any other way except getting armed for the next demonstrations? Or, we must deny the class struggle altogether and choke all protesters with the label of coloured revolution?!

As all the coloured revolutions get organised on the base of the true demands of the people, therefore, all the regimes before labelling the riots as coloured revolutions, ought to self-criticise for their constant fulfilment of the imperialists, before they strike their sword for the people.

And instead of shooting at reached to the end of the rope demonstrators, they should hang themselves for their self-impudence and hateful egoism.

Who has allowed them to sell the national industries to the strangers on the other side of the world? And who has allowed them to make the workers of their countries wage earner of strangers in their own homelands? So, where and to whom should these oppressed workers take their oppressed cry?

Who are you looking for? These corrupt and dishonest

governments, who impose all the given programs by the imperialists to their oppressed nations are guilty.

Their punishment is not just a single death, even thousand times of death is not enough for them. The reached end of the rope Kasak nation has been and was, struggling for nationalisation of the Kazak industry. And executions of the workers in 2010, also was for the struggle of the workers against Neoliberal privatisation.

The amount of the betrayal of these puppet who were happy of the USSRs collapse, changed colour like frogs over a night, adjusted themselves to imperialist colours and presented all the national belongings to the imperialists, is from earth to the galaxy.

Now, due to which rights, unleash gun fire on demonstrators? And hang to the Collective Security Treaty Organisation (CSTO), to save their basically corrupt system?

Noor Soltan Nazarbayev was the leader of Kazakhstan communist party many years before USSR collapse. After the collapse, with no character, he was responsible for establishing the present corrupt system and fulfil the USA, UK , Erdogan and Saudis.

He, more than 50 years has been imposing himself to Kasak

nation. Now has handed over some of his responsibilities to Tokayev, the present president. But still good to see, that Tokayev in the last minute has not seek asylum to the US embassy and has called for help on CSTO!

Of course, the US personalities have remarked: for the past 30 years we were the friends and how come did not come to us for help!

Nazarbayev was not happy enough with his 50 years of

self-impose to the Kasak nation, so made many sculptures of himself and placed it in the middle of squares of the cities!

And even more, changed the name of the capital from Alma-Ata to Noor sultan!

The Kasak Nation symbolic placed some rope on the sculpture, resembling its collapse!

Our question is: this Collective Security Treaty Organisation, is defending the security of the nations or these imperialist puppet governments that are imposing themselves to the nations?

The peacekeeping missioner is active to keep peace between which forces? Between anti colonial protestors and colonial government of Kazakhstan? This is not possible, because the contradiction is non-antagonistic.

And if the CSTO is for the security of the nations, then the Noor Sultan Nazarbayev and members of all his corrupt system, plus Tokayev need to be arrested at once and to be taken to court. The

Ones, who with no character and full impudence made a semi-

colony out of a socialist country.

No doubt, in the countries with no freedom for activity of parties and unions, the protests can be organised on the basic instant problems by the imperialists and their servants who have the freedom. But that does not mean that the demonstrators are pro imperialist! Or they are foreign hooligans.

This kind of conclusion is unreal and is representing the cruel and tyrant government as an oppressed and is emphasizing on supporting it. This is what the forces sent by Russia and CSTO must defenatly avoid, otherwise they would be trapped in a

“I or I” game of Imperialists. This government is corrupt, tyrant and servant of imperialist, its submissiveness must never be believed.

The coloured revolutions with the aim of misleading masses for 20-50 years under the label of new revolutions and plundering much more, get established by the imperialists. But this present government is also puppet of Imperialists. Defending this government is also to the benefit of imperialists. Suffocating people and stabilising this government is also to the benefit of the imperialists.

The wishes of the Kasak protesters

Arrest and trial of Nazarbayev, Tokayev and all the members of their corrupt system.

Freedom of political prisoners, demonstrators, (except fallowers of Erdogan and Taliban.)

Return to 1993 constitutional law (freedom of the activities of all the parties – the communist party and Unions).

Paying compensation to the families of the killed and wounded.

Preparing the condition for electing a new government.

Nationalisation of the industry.

Establishing present government is serving imperialists.

Women’s Power

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