Worldwide defence of the rights of the people of Afghanistan

Worldwide defence of the rights of the people of Afghanistan

Farah Notash          Worlds Anti-imperialist Front     Women’s Power

Vienna 07.09.2021


The USA is using Pakistan as a protector of its strategic interests in Afghanistan.  Pakistan not only helped the Taliban with the encirclement and seizure of towns, but also in bombing the Panjshir, the only province of resistance to the Taliban, on the 4th and 5th of September.

And with the arrival of Pakistan’s Security Minister to Afghanistan, Pakistan is openly engineering a most fanatical religious government in Afghanistan. At the same time, international Daesh, who speak Arabic, are cooperating with these savage tribes in home executions, such as the execution of a policewoman in front of her families’ eyes.

Regarding the horrible behaviour of Iran’s Mullah regime and its support of all the religious movements and governments in the world, the problem of Afghanistan today, lies not only in defending its people within the bounds of Afghanistan, but also far from the country’s borders.

The struggle against the rise of religious movements and governments in the world is the duty of all humans, political parties,


organisations, and governments in the world.

The recognition of the Taliban by any government is the recognition of terrorism, mafia, corruption, and humiliation of nations under the mask of religion.

Therefore, the organized deception of the masses by the imperialists of the USA and UK to protect their empire, leading half the world’s population into darkness, must be stopped now.


In a worldwide defence of the resistance of the people of Afghanistan, let us stand up against the formation of the Taliban government in Afghanistan and this new

tension center.


And to help the resistance in Afghanistan and stop the progress of reactionary religious imperialistmade movements,

 let us get organised.

Women’s Power

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