To the United States Supreme Court

To the United States Supreme Court

Request for Compensation to the Afghan nation


Farah Notash Worlds Anti-imperialist Front Women’s Power

Vienna 14.09. 2021

Since 11th September 2001, many happenings in the world have revealed the criminals’ face more than ever, and the facts are clearer today than ever before.

In the past 20 years all the US President have refused to give the facts to the families of the 11th of September victims. Or in fact they could not reveal the facts because the result would have incriminated the sick US Foreign policy!

Supporting, promoting, and bringing the Islamists to power in different countries of the world, in the new era, started with the foreign policy of Jimmy Carter, the US President and his adviser Zbigniew Brzezinski, to defeat socialism. As evidence, “The Revelations of Zbigniew Brzezinski” has been included in attachments.

In the first days of Trump’s presidency, in one of his speeches he openly said: if Saudi Arabia wants our support for its domination in Saudi Arabia, then it must pay us more money. Of course, that open announcement was very bitter for the Saudis.

Also, when Obama started his presidency, in the G20 meeting he made the Saudi King nearly cry, as so much money was taken from them to help the US collapsing Banks! The fact is, Saudi Arabia is not able to take a single step without US agreement. Otherwise, it would collapse the very same day!

Also once, when Trump claimed compensation from Saudi Arabia for the relatives of the 11th September victims, Bin Salman, the Saudi Crown Prince, said “then I will reveal the facts, too.”

The Saudis cannot turn their backs on their supporter, the USA! And of course, they will deny any kind of connection to the terrorists. But the relations revealed in the FBI report, as Jim Kreindler, one of the lawyers for the Victims’ families, claims, are enough for claiming compensation from the Saudi government. And for the world too, the US crime is clear enough, to request compensation for the nation of Afghanistan from the USA. Putting together the facts, it is clear enough the script was dictated to the Saudis by the CIA.

The Saudi and Pakistani government are two horses of the US cart in the Middle East. And everything they do is not based on their own wishes and free will, but ordered to them by the US Government. And all the scripts are written by the CIA.

In 1976, Al Qaeda was established by the USA, Pakistan, and the Saudis in Afghanistan! The leader of Al-Qaeda, Osama Bin Laden was a Saudi Arabian. The history of the Taliban’s establishment is better to read from Brzezinski’s interview in attachment. The same group established Daesh with the help of Turkey, Israel, the Emirates, in 2011, during Obama’s presidentship!

Yes, the people who work for the CIA are intelligent, but there are other intelligent people in the world who are not working for the CIA and see the CIAs’ playscripts, step by step. But when they give their findings to society, the imperialists’ media always try to mention “conspiracy theory”!

The future reports of the FBI will try to show the situation in such a way as not to condemn the Saudi Government, but make them pay compensation through the actions of lawyers! Because if the USA reveals the truth about the Saudi, in fact it is revealing the truth about itself! Besides, they will lose a source of high income and a footstep in the Middle East!

The Saudis will not be able to defend themselves, because they will lose the US support! But they will be made to pay compensation. And that is what the USA wants!

The game will go on, as with the slaughtering of Jamal Khashoggi by 18 people in the Saudi consulate in Turkey, in which the order of Bin Salman was carried out by them, but they are all in prison, and Bin Salman is free! He was isolated and ignored in the meetings, and probably paid endlessly to make Trump support him!

Jimmy Carter, the US president and his adviser Zbigniew Brzezinski, not only are responsible for establishing the Taliban in Pakistan, with the help of the Saudis and Pakistan, and help them to take control of and rule Afghanistan, which they are now doing for the second time, but are also responsible for promoting the Islamic regime in Iran.

In September 1979 in Guadalupe, with the same logic Jimmy Carter persuaded three other governments, of the UK, France and Germany, to promote Islamists in Iran. The USA said to the Shah that the USA would not support him anymore. That was just the way it dealt with Ghani in Afghanistan. Iran’s army was ordered not to resist against the Islamists, just as the army in Afghanistan was ordered to open the way for the Taliban. The procedure was the same. Even the bombing of Panjshir by Pakistan on 4th and 5th of September was carried out on orders given by the USA to Pakistan.

Signing the agreement with the Taliban in Duhe in 2020, was just a part of this horrible play. The Green Belt Theory is this promotion of Islamism to overcome communism in the world. So the world has witnessed all these actions since 2001, and the imperialists’ challenge to keep their Empire. The USA is the leader of mischief and organizer of all this sick play. The USA is responsible for all the human misery arising in the world.

The USA has a sick foreign policy.

The USA is responsible for this huge misery in Afghanistan.

And in Trump’s time, it brought all parts of Daesh from everywhere to Afghanistan.

The USA was not invited by the people or the government of Afghanistan to interfere.

The USA must pay the compensation to each individual in Afghanistan for making their land a hell.

From today, as the day when this compensation claim for the oppressed nation of Afghanistan is published, the world is watching the United States’ Supreme Court of Justice, for a just decision towards the victim nation of Afghans since the Carter-Brzezinski time.

And the world will evaluate the respect of the USA for Human rights.

The Al-Qaeda and Taliban were not born as a result of Afghanistan’s social and political needs, but for the needs of the USA.

So, the USA must pay compensation to the people of Afghanistan.

Afghanistan is not alone.

The world supports Afghanistan.

Women’s Power


The Revelations of Zbigniew Brzezinski

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