Mandatory Vaccination

Mandatory Vaccination

And Single dose “Sputnik V “

Farah Notash

Vienna 22. 09. 2021

Here in Austria, we have all seen the dedicated attitude of Austrian Government in bringing free Covid 19 tests and Vaccines to the people.

Not only vaccinating teams have gone to many different places like stores churches, mosques and etc, but well-equipped busses with vaccination facilities have been sent to different places and have given most convenient chance for the people to get vaccinated.

That is admirable.

But even so, nearly 42% of the people are still refusing to get Vaccinated. Therefore, the pressure from government against unvaccinated is getting more, and passing the limits.

The reasons for refusing Vaccination are not all the same.

  • The vaccines of Fizer Madrona, AstraZeneca and Jonson and Jonson, which are presented in Austria, have undeniable side-effects.

  • So, the people with heart and blood problem obviously will not accept these vaccines, as they believe getting vaccinated with these vaccines, is equal to attempting suicide. And pressure for getting Vaccinated with above named vaccines, is like pushing someone who does not swim into the river.

  • The answer for solving this problem is easy.

  • please import the new single dose ofSputnik V “

  • from Russia.

  • Then you will see,

  • even those who are against vaccination because of lack of vaccines’ immunity against many mutations, will compromise.

  • In medicine there is no border. Let us not separate the people. And before applying any pressure, let us see the pure facts.

  • In Israel the people who are getting the vaccine Fizer for the 3rd time, are still getting infected. The infection has the possibility of death too.

Best wishes

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