Taliban and an inclusive government in Afghanistan!

Taliban and an inclusive government in Afghanistan!

Farah Notash
Worlds Anti-imperialist Front Women’s Power

Vienna 14,10.2021

The meeting of G 20 ended with a decision for helping the people of Afghanistan. Also, as all the governments for recognition, are waiting for establishment of an inclusive government by Taliban, was emphasised, that helping does not mean recognition of Taliban.

Taliban, under the US designed plan of the “delivering the country in a non-resistance project”, has shamelessly taken over the government of Afghanistan since August 2021. The strong rejection of the people of Afghanistan against this illegal delivery, is the “hugest running away” in history. A continues non-broken chain till today.

In the very first step Taliban, has replaced the Afghanistan’s national flag, with its own white terrorist flag, with black religious scripts on it.

Although all the governments which are waiting for formation of an inclusive government by Taliban, but no government or even the UN, have rejected to this true painful totalitarian action.

With this behaviour, Taliban has openly announced his dominant nature and totalitarianism will.

Until here, there are two essential objections.

First- Why the G 20 is expecting formation of a government by a total terrorist group? While all the oppressed people of Afghanistan are expecting the leaders of murderer Taliban to be arrested and punished for all the crimes they have committed over the past 20 years?

So far, no rejection has been against the first undemocratic step of changing flag, and Taliban has gone away with it. Then how are the governments are expecting Taliban to take further democratic steps?!

Besides Taliban, in the first days of its domination 3month ago, has openly announced that the time for democracy is over.

Today Taliban speaker said: if the sanctions are not cancelled by the USA, half million people are going to leave the country. As if the people already have not left the country, in rejection against Taliban’s domination!

What is G 20 waiting for? A miracle?! Even if Taliban for getting recognized starts asking different tribes to join governing, will not stop killing them. Taliban has not change and will not change either. This is their ideology and essence. They are terrorist and killers, that is all. The contradiction between all kinds of Islam and democracy is of irreconcilable type. Besides the contradiction between democracy and terrorism is the same.

Taliban is the savage uneducated backward proxy army of the

USA, which has deliberately been freed to kill and keep the

central Asia in a constant turbulence.

Why is the humanity encouraged to ignore such dreadful crimes? Then world should expect the consequences.

An explosion in a Hazare Masque with 50 death and 200

wounded few days ago! And many individuals of the Hazare who have been killed on their way back home.

What has happened to the humanity, why the killings of all these Afghans shouldn’t upset the world?!

The second main rejection is, why these murders instead of punishment get rewarded?!

When their huge criminality is ignored, then the rest will have to be ignored too. They know it, that is why care less for recognition, they continue terrorizing Afghans.

Allowing Taliban to govern or share an inclusive government, is also committing a big crime and a shame for humanity. To accept such a gloomy authority, is admitting a society without any civilization principles.

Why is this enormous criminality driven into the shadow?

Do all the governments have any obligation towards promoting humanity too? Or watching the world to be drowned in all sorts of planned conspiracy by the misery maker USA is enough?

The USA is not allowed to impose its savage proxy army to Afghanistan and to the world. The world would not accept this horror, and will stand against what the USA is pushing through its inhuman plans.

Accepting Taliban in a government or part of a government is committing criminality. It is admitting dirty politics. The place of Taliban is not presidential palace of Afghanistan, but prisons of Afghanistan. All the Taliban leaders should be arrested and be punished for their over 20 years of gloomy criminality. The USA has killed Osama Ben Laden. And recently has killed Ghasem Soleimani. If it claims to be anti-terrorist, now is the time to show its honesty! The USA knows the address of Taliban leaders, president palace!

No to Taliban in any form of government.

Arrest Taliban’s leaders and disarm all the members

No to dirty religious masks in politics

No plundering national wealth and killing people under the name of God

as shameless and hatful Mullah Regime in Iran



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