The Devil behind Afghanistan’s Tragedy

The Devil behind Afghanistan’s Tragedy

Farah Notash     Worlds Anti-imperialist Front     Women’s Power

Vienna 16.08. 2021

Parallel to US forces evacuating Afghanistan, the USA is arranging a full reinstatement of the Taliban. And as towns are easily seized by the Taliban one after the other, there is no sign of resistance by the 350 000 soldiers that the USA claims to have trained for Afghanistan! But the people, leave everything they have as their towns are seized, and run away from the Taliban.

World look and see! The people of Afghanistan are not welcoming Taliban; they are running away from them!

The people are reporting that the commanders of Taliban fighters are speaking English and not Afghani languages. They are fully trained and aware of techniques of encircling and attacking, as used in classical wars. Their uniforms and boots are also different to the Taliban’s national long shirt, turban and sandals. The Commanders are Pakistani officers in jeans and boots!

WHO are the TALIBAN?

 In 1992 the USA, Pakistan and Saudi Arabia have established the Taliban in Pakistan. The Taliban are the US proxy army, like Daesh and Al-Qaida. Their Islamist beliefs are a mixture of Moslem Brotherhood and the most reactionary Saudi-made Islam.  Their fighters are enslaved young jobless Afghan men, who are forced at gunpoint to fight for Taliban. Their income and weapons have been provided by the Saudis through Pakistan, and recently even by Iran’s Mullah regime. Their leaders have been living in Pakistan and sometimes in Iran. They dominated Afghanistan 1996 till 2001. 

 In 2001, the US followed their own scenario with the attack on the Manhattan towers. The crews in the aeroplanes attacking the towers were all Saudis, except for three Afghans. That shows the true nature of Al-Qaida attacking the twin Towers on 11th September 2001. This pre-arranged scenario was the excuse for the US attack and invasion of Afghanistan. During the 20 years of occupation, the USA and NATO never fought against the Taliban. They were plundering the resources of Afghan mines, which was the real reason for this pre-planned attack. The duty of the Taliban during the 20 Years of US occupation was to make constant turmoil by terrorizing the people of Afghanistan and provide an excuse for the long US occupation of Afghanistan!

In 2020, in a fake agreement with the Taliban in Doha the USA freed 5000 Taliban fighters from Afghanistan’s prisons. Now these freed Afghan Taliban fighters under the Command of Pakistani commanders are killing citizens and capturing Afghanistan’s towns one after the other. The devil behind all these horrible events is the USA. Pakistan is not an independent country, but one of the US puppets.

The USA, before evacuating Afghanistan, put Turkey in charge of Kabul Airport security, a NATO member, a Moslem Brother “hood”!

But in 2 recent days, the newly arrived US soldiers have taken over. The chaos in Kabul airport is sever and 5 people so far are killed. The people are running away from Taliban.    

Joe Biden is not sorry for what he has done, and he thinks he has been able to convince the world with his tales! But he has started a new misery with Taliban in Afghanistan. In fact, the USA is putting his foot on Afghans back, to reach encircling Russia and get near to China.    A new misery which is going to cost the life of the highly oppressed nation of Afghanistan.

The US has a multiple goal. Daesh and some other Islamists have been transferred to Afghanistan since the last year of the Trump presidency.

Behind the support to the Taliban lies the Islamisation of all the Islamic countries of the former USSR. The US “Green Belt theory” is still in process and is paving the way for more huge disasters for humanity. The promise of these plans have always stopped Israel attacks on Iran, every time it attempts to attack Iran. 

Now it is totally clear that Islamists of all kinds are used to pave the way for the future US domination of the world. The future slavery and total disappearance of the nations in the Middle-East and Africa.

The Shia and Sunnis movements, all fit very well into the US Green Belt Theory. To fight against the US Anti-Human Green Belt Theory around the globe:


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