In the name of humanity

In the name of humanity

To all the communist and socialist parties and organisations

Farah Notash            Worlds Anti-Imperialist Front           Women’s Power

Vienna 01.08.2021

The question is: To support or not to support the Islamists in some regions?

Some of our comrades, referring to Lenin’s statements in “The Attitude of the Workers’ Party to Religion” (Novaya Zhizn, 3rd December 1895), have been supporting some of the Islamists, e.g., Mullah regime, Hamas, Hezbollah and now perhaps they are going to support Taliban!

With a deep and clear examination of Lenin’s statement, it can be seen that Lenin is pointing at the individual workers with some religious beliefs, who accept the workers party’s constitution and program and therefore are accepted as members of the workers’ party. And their problem is no more a personal problem; now that they are members, their problem is the party’s problem.

Attention please: he is talking about members and individuals. He is not talking about religious movements or organisations that are going to dominate societies, and under the name of Allah, commit all kinds of crime and corruption. 

He is clearly supporting the workers who still haven’t had the chance to learn the facts about evolution. He does not even see it as an individual problem and suggests the publication of scientific books as a solution.

But today, after 42 years of experiencing Iran’s Mullah regime, their horrible domination, the real hell that they have made out of Iran, thoroughly destroying society in the fire of their ruthless fascist domination, when certain parties support them referring to Lenin, and arguing that people’s beliefs should be respected, this is not only a betrayal of Lenin, but also a way of deceiving the world. The same applies to other so-called communists supporting Daesh in the fight against Bashar Al-Asad.

Today, it is clear that all these Islamists have been brought into the world to stop the class struggle, to stop the fight against the imperialists. It is clear that all these groups are here to give a chance to imperialists to survive and breathe with a sense of relief. Today it is clear that every one of them is a tool and puppet of one imperialist or the other.

The Mullah regime of Iran was able to transfer more than 4000 children of the Mullahs to the USA, with billions of Iran’s dollars in their bank accounts, during Obamas’ presidency. This is the true face of the USA and the Mullahs.

Hamas was born in the 1980s with the support of Ariel Sharon. From the time of its birth, it has received weapons and funding from the Mullahs. Hamas was not elected by the people of Palestine. If the funding is stopped, then the beliefs will fade away too! The same is true with Lebanon and Yemen, Hashd Al Shabi in Iraq and the Taliban in Afghanistan.  And some organisation as such in Africa.

Lenin never said that religious movements, which are all made by imperialism, should be respected because of people’s beliefs. These are all imposed on the people, like the headscarves and many other things.

Any misinterpretation and support for any kind of Islamist organisations and referring all that anti-humanism to Lenin is awfully disgraceful, immoral and dishonest. It amounts to supporting the imperialists.

It is horrible to quote Lenin, the pure anti-imperialist, as the source of all this imperialist sickness.

Let us all, take a deep look at the huge misery and disaster of the perishing of Iran, and once again learn that religion is the opium of the masses.

Let us all see the Imperialists’ games behind all these miseries to save their dirty living.

Let us never support the imperialist-made movements against communism, socialism and all the progressive movements.


Domination of the charlatan Islamists

means for them

 killing is free… stealing is free

manipulation of life

 is total free

but their domination

means for people

dying of thirst

and hunger is free

Women’s Power

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