The USA is suffocating Afghanistan

The USA is suffocating Afghanistan

Iran’s Mullah Regime helps the USA

Farah Notash World Anti-imperialist Front Women’s Power

Vienna 08.07.2021

According to Trump-Taliban Doha agreement of 10th March 2020, the USA &CO have to leave Afghanistan within 14 months. That has been postponed by Joe Biden to 11th September 2021, to complete the 20 years of plundering Afghan mines, destroying the land, and letting Taliban nonstop kills the people and keep the land in constant turbulent so that USA& CO have an excuse for their stay.

This superficial agreement has 3 demands.

To free 5000 Taliban members from Afghani prisons.

The USA and allies with all their military and non-diplomatic forces to leave Afghanistan within 14 months.

Taliban is not allowed to issue any activity permit for Al-Qaida and other terrorist groups or cooperate with them.

After 20 years of plundering Afghani mines, this funny agreement, is just suitable for the USA, with all its parties, government in shadow and their legitimate child Taliban. And is not able to deceive the world. The USA claims the content of this agreement has been written in a rush. (rush after 20 years!) This so-called agreement just gives freedom to the terrors of Taliban and announces transferring the government to Taliban in 14 months.

In fact, this is not an agreement, is an annunciation of returning the governing to Taliban again. That is why J. Biden said that he thinks, Taliban will take over in one year. In fact, he wanted to say the transfer of power from the USA &CO to their servant Taliban, will take one year.

As the world has witnessed daily Taliban s’ terrors in Afghanistan,70 to 100 killed and many wounded. And in the present war solders scape and leave the towns for Taliban. All these are signs of US plan for transferring government to Taliban.

Another sign, the USA tries to transfer 50000 Afghani to 3 countries of Tajikistan, Uzbekistan and Kirgizstan, till their documents for immigration to the USA gets ready. Those countries have not accepted yet. Therefore, Taliban has announced, repent and stay in Afghanistan.

Another evidence: Why have they arrested 5000 poor uneducated jobless men, who have been forced by Taliban to Join Moslem Brotherhood Taliban’s Army? Why don’t they arrest all the

Taliban’s Leaders?

On 28 .06,2021, Mr Rashid Ahmad, Pakistan’s interior Minister:

In an interview with Jio News said: the families of the Afghans Taliban’s leaders, live in the towns of Merwat, Luie Bir, Barko and Trenol. And asked Afghani Taliban not to provoke Pakistani Taliban against the government.

If the USA is fighting against terrorism, why doesn’t it arrest the leaders?! Their addresses are known. Arresting the uneducated poor jobless Taliban soldiers is just a show.

Of course, a part of Taliban leaders lives in Iran. And are guest of

Iran’s corrupt Mullah Regime. They get money and arms from Mullahs to kill oppressed Afghan people. The co-operation of America and Mullahs is not new, it has been going on since Mullahs came in power.

Mullahs try to buy the foreign forces to expand their imaginary Islamic empire. But Taliban, rather to take money and arms, from Iran, and the command from the USA!

The USA with stablishing different islamist armies from all the

Islamic countries, is not neglecting the progress of the green belt round the earth. Molavi Mohamad, superior Bad Gheis Taliban commander in an interview with Iran wire on 5th of July 2021 has said: Iran’s Revolutionary Guard is present in war, shoulder to shoulder with us.

The USA is giving Afghanistan, to its substitute. In fact, the USA is not leaving. Is changing form. Afghanistan is becoming Neo-colony of the USA. And suffocating of Afghanistan will be carried out by the gloomy US Taliban.

In this game, Iran has two faces. One who is giving home money, weapon to Taliban and is present in war beside Taliban under command of Mullahs leader. And the diplomatic part, which made Biden happy, is inviting the Taliban’s leaders to Tehran. Tainan’s group in an interview with BBC have confirmed that on 7th of July 2021 were in an official invitation in Tehran. Iran’s Foreign Secretory, Mr Zarif, has emphasized on Iran’s obligation on political, economical and social help after peace settlement. You call it after Taliban’s domination. In fact, he has recognized Taliban’s regime before its settlement.

Taliban distributes its first statement as it captures the towns.


Dear Sisters wear your hijab and do not come out without your

Close family. (father, brother, husband.)

The laws according to “Islamic Government” in the captured towns are:

Getting out of house without a close Family is forbidden for the women.

The use of Burga is compulsory for all.

The girls should not go to school, after primary school.

In Iran the fundamentalists media are happy for return of Taliban to power in Afghanistan.

Afghan foreign secretory on 28th June 2021 in his statement in answer to the interior minister of Pakistan emphasized that, Kabul has always been for acting and fallowing the UN’s Security Council’s statement and Doha’s peace agreement based on Taliban’s breakup with all the international and regional terrorist groups. These Terrorist groups include Tayebeh Army, Jeish Mohamad, Tahrik Islami of Uzbekistan, Tahrik Islami of East Turkistan, Al-Qaida, and Daesh.

Please make attention on all of these Islamic outgrowths made by the USA. They are all the US’s proxy armies.

Trump transferred some of Daesh from Iraq and Syria in quiet to Afghanistan, who are settled in northern borders of Afghanistan , for its next mischief.

And according to the Pakistan’s Interior Minister on provocation of Pakistani Taliban against government, and the facts given by the Afghani Minster, the USA has finished seeding, and now is helping the growth of the most reactionary monster babies in the Middle-East. As Europe has experience the fires of this hell, is not just going to burn the people in the east. It is going to blaze in to the west too. so

All together against gloomy world of past

All together against devils killing fast

Women’s Power

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