Antonio Guterres UN Secretary!Please help.

Antonio Guterres UN Secretary!

Please help.


On the 18th of June 2021, the Iranian Nation in a most admirable gesture of national solidarity, stayed at home all across Iran, and did not go out to vote. That was against the 13th Presidential Election engineered by the Mullah Regime Leader, Sayyid Ali Khamenei and his Council of Guardians.

All the streets of Iran, as reported by the people in many videos, were as empty as in the periods of Covid-19 lockdowns in the world’s cities and towns.

At some voting stations, a small number of people were seen with Khamenei’s picture in hand.

Some of the cheatings at voting stations were also filmed by people, such as a man writing the name of Ebrahim Raisi on an endless number of official electoral forms!

On the 19th of June the Mullahs’ Leader, Sayyid Ali Khamenei gives a speech and congratulates the people for their epic and enthusiastic participation in the election! Then Ebrahim Raisi is announced as the new president with a 62% voter turnout!

This big lie can never be tolerated by the people of Iran. Therefore, the attention and interference of the UN is vital.

Please let us never forget the successive massacres by mullahs in the peaceful demonstration of people in Iran’s street, and in prisons.

This time, this silent cry of the people drowned in all sorts of problems caused by the thieving murderer Mullah Regime, as well as the criminal US Government, should never be ignored and underestimated.

This is a clear referendum of the people of Iran on the situation of the Mullahs in the country.

The People of Iran have said NO to the Mullah Regime!

Yours sincerely

Peoples Front for Iran’s Salvation -3rd line

Farah Notash

Iran’s population 83, 650, 000

Allowed to vote 59, 310, 307

Number of Votes in million

Ebrahim Raisi   17,8          62% False

Spoilt                  4,1          14%

Rezaee                2,3          12%

Hemmati             2,4            8%

Ghazizadeh          1              3%

All votes             28,6          100

The number of votes for Ebrahim Raisi are completely fabricated.

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