The cry of political prisoners in Iran for help

The cry of political prisoners in Iran for help

People’s Front for Iran’s Salvation


The Mullah Regime in Iran, is transferring the arrested demonstrators in streets of Tehran Nov 2019, from political prisons to the most dangerous parts of Tehran’s huge Fashafuieh criminal prison.

The political prisoner “Hossein Hashemi” has started dry hunger strike since Tuesday evening.

And the prisoners, (Mohamad Beygi, Pegman Sabzi, Mohsen Ghafoor, Mohamad Khoda-Bakhsi and Reza Ghoreishi), are taking of sanctuary, since 23rd of May.

The 21-year-old political prisoner “Alireza shir Mohamad Ali” who was transferred to this prison June 2019, was insulted and killed with 37 stabs of knife by the life sentenced murderers. The murderers were promised by the prisons’ authorities, that they will be freed after killing this political prisoner.

Let us be the cry of the political prisoners

Let us do whatever we can, for their freedom

Women’s Power


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