Helping colonialists

Helping colonialists

labelling the protestors as Anti-Semitists


Farah Notash Worlds Anti-imperialist Front Women’s power

Vienna 19.05.2021

The wound is old, agonising and disastrous.

The fallowers of US Zionist-Imperialist bankers, in governments and media, are labelling the protestors against Israeli government, as Anti-Semitists, to help going on Israeli aggression.

The problem is, the start of 2nd NAKBA.

Israel has started kicking Palestinians out of their homes, shops and working place in Jerusalem. This is the continuation of the colonial aim and policy for having one Jewish country in Palestine.

Nakba is the name given by Palestinians to the misery and disgrace of being kicked out of their own home by Israeli new government on 1948.

Now the world is furious with the start of the 2nd NAKBA.

All the governments should know, this cannot be tolerated. This sickness will never be cured by Anti-Semitist vaccine! Even taking the whole world is not worth for rising one minute hatred. These sick moral less people should be totally out of world politics.

And it is not only Jerusalem, sometimes ago Netanyahu expressed his ambition of making Gaza as new Las Vegas. The world knows Zionist’s goal is totally wiping Palestine out of the world map and kicking all the Palestinians out of their homes. The world will never allow that. Palestine belongs to Palestinians. And eternal memory of humanity will always know that land as the home of Palestinians.

On the other side, some with the excuse of the rockets of fanatic Hamas, help Israel. But problem started with kicking people out of their houses and shops in Jerusalem. And throwing the fanatic’s rockets were to overcome a 2nd NAKBA!

To support Israel, its flag is raised in Vienna and elsewhere. And demonstrators are labelled as Anti-Semitists for criticizing the aggressive Zionist far right government of Israel, in the slogans of 12th May demonstration with 3000 demonstrators as police estimation.

There were no Anti-Semitist slogans. Defining the slogans against far-right Zionist Liquid party governments, as Anti -Semitist is far from the truth. As there are many Jews who are Anti-Zionist and are against the savage Israeli government.

As the Jews who did not want to go to Palestine before the fall of Nazis on 8th May 1945 and were arrested and taken to concentration camps.

As the Jews who were deceived by the Zionists propaganda, and went to Palestine, and after finding out the reality left the Palestine, and went back to their homeland or another country.

And at the present time there are many parties who are in Israel and are against the Zionist government. So are many Jews all over the world who criticize the Zionists all together and never wish to go to Palestine. Like the Jews in Iran , even the under domination of horrible Mullah regime.

In attachment you will find the photos of the resent orthodox Jews demonstration, in New York. They have Palestinian flag and are supporting Palestinians. They are criticizing Israeli government. Some of their slogans are:

Jews worldwide condemn Israeli Bloody Brutality.

End the occupation.

No annexation, No occupation

Stop Jerusalem explosion and free all of Palestine.

In some towns of Germany, 200-300 people from all the parties except “Alternative for Germany” demonstrated to support Israel. And the right of the Israel was recognized on the land of Palestine. They mentioned because the Jews were mistreated by Germans in the years of 30 -40 ies.

And on some townhalls the flag of Israel was raised.

The Palestinians to be revenged for the crimes of Nazis! Is that Logic?!

In the 16th May demonstration in Vienna, the people supporting Palestine had to be silent and give no slogan. But at the same time Israel massacred the people of Gaza. 210 people died, among them were 51 children. 1200 people wounded and 250 houses ruined.

The UN Security Council has 3 times prepared cease – fire agreement for Hamas and Israel, but the USA vetoed all 3. Green light for Israel to massacre Gaza!

The massacre is going on day and night, 5600 people wounded and 219 died, 63 children so far. In Israeli side, 12 died, 2 of the were children.

The people of Europe and the world support an independent, fair, civilised and Justice EU, who is not under US spell. Europe has to recognise its much higher civilization and situation in compare to the USA.

The USA has a sick tricky constitution, which gives the chance to the US Zionists in Wallstreet to cheat the US people and to impose their own poppet as the US president since the constitution has been written by some sick Zionists. All the US presidents in the USA are chosen by the US government in shadow in Wall street, not the people of The USA. The people of the USA are cheated ever since that constitution is written. Therefore, the USA is still far away from civilisation.

The truth is, for the EU is a disgrace to be under the influence of the USA

government who is a funny poppet and has no power of its own.

That is way the people of the world are standing against the US Zionist colonialists and support the Palestinians. That is why the people stand against reactionary backwards barbarism which is called Zionism. Hiding behind Jews and labelling people as Anti-Semitist is a worn-out trick, which only disgusts the people. The defence of humanity, human dignity and honour and standing for true human rights, is the true meaning of life.

Israel is a petty symbol of colonialism, aggression and a sham for humanity.

Let us rise to glorify our humanity and love, respect all the boarders and all the humans

Let us stand against all the US Zionists aggressions ruining justice and true human rights under the name of NEW RESET.

Women’s Power


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