World’s recent decision, Parasites Should leave Syria

World’s recent decision,
Parasites Should leave Syria

Farah Notash Worlds Anti-imperialist Front Women’s Power



Boris Johnson the UK foreign minister, who is the delegate of the Bankrupt

British Imperialists, and not even delegate of the British people, in a totally

deteriorating delirium because of the UK economic situation, is trying to behave

like the foreign minister of the British Empire in 19th century! And he keeps his

chin up as if, he was not the looser of the chemical trick of 4th March

which did not work. His sarcastic comparison of the 2018 World Cup with

1936 Hitler’s Olympic Games, is much more than his quota on 21st March!

He must watch it. How ugly and uneducated he looks, attacking the heroic

nation which defeated fascism. He hasn’t even learnt about Churchill bowing in

front of Stalin in 1945. Shame on British Imperialism for this crude and ignorant

member of government.

Mr Vladimir Putin, not only is the delegate of 77% of the brave Russian nation,

but he is also, supported by the Worlds Anti-imperialist Front which covers

much more than half the world population. The challenge for the survival of the

beggar UK imperialism in the parasitic system, is under full observation by the

people of the world.

On 18th March the UK imperialists’ defence Minister Gavin Williamson made

a special trip to Afghanistan. The aim was to ensure the UK domination on security forces and the Afghanistan national army, by training and programming the army as planned. He emphasised that 650 more troops are going to be added to UK forces in Afghanistan. And he added how important the security of roads in Afghanistan was for UK!

On 20th March personalities of the Afghans government announced that the US Army headquarter manager Joseph Dunford had entered Afghanistan and will stay there for 2 days!

Of course, the US defence minister James Mattis was in Afghanistan last year after dropping the mother of Bombs in Nangerhard in East Afghanistan. The USA has 8000 soldiers in Afghanistan, but General Nicolson, the US headquarters manager in Afghanistan is asking for more US forces!

But Afghans had never asked for the presence of these savage plundering parasitic forces to enter Afghanistan, nor needed any security and army training from them.

The Manhattan Twin Tower play script, co-production of Hollywood and the CIA, was clearly meant for aggression and colonialization of Afghanistan.

When the army and security forces of a country are under the control of other countries, that is clearly neo-colonialism. The armed NATO Mafia thieves are there to steal the Afghans’ resources, with plans for further domination in the area.

These savage parasitical imperialists who dress up elegantly and play like civilised people and support Human rights organisations of other lands, in direction of their own greedy wishes, only follow and support the law of the jungle. This is their unchangeable attitude in Syria too.

Of course, the presence of an opposition is a normal fact in every country. But

mixing their dreadful Islamists with true opposition and misusing them for

colonialising the countries, is the greedy programme, secreted from the sick brains of the parasitical imperialists for grabbing the world resources.

The Syrian government under highly educated secular Dr Bashar Al-Assad, is not giving up, and has been fighting against the US proxy Islamist army. In 2015 he invited Russia to help against US terrorist army. Now, he is fighting against the renovated Syrian Opposition, which is not the proxy army, but NATO, the USA, the UK, Turkey and Israel!

The bankrupt British imperialism, which even Brexit could not rescue, has tried to survive through the fake Spy poisoning play script.

This parasite beggar imperialism, which does not have money to pay its debts to the EU and leave, is wobbling in between with one foot out and a foot in. This sick play script, is the result of this swinging situation.

Mr Vladimir Chizov, the Russian delegate in the EU, emphasised that no chemical production has been kept in Russia for decades and he added that the formula of this product could be used in any chemical lab for reproduction, such as the greatest British military chemical research foundation of Porton Dawn, 8 miles away from Salisbury.

If they were honest, would have accepted Russians suggestion on cooperation for research and would have given sampled for test in Russia. They want to hide the truth.

To answer Jeremy Corbyn, the respectable leader of the British Labour Party:

Although the acting out of their play script showed no evidence against Russia, but the subsequent parts of the play scripts always reveal the real programmer behind them.


On 22 March in EU council, Theresa May (Mrs conspiracy) tried to hide the bankrupt depression and the shame of not being able to manage the process of leaving the EU, behind the mask of “Hey! Hey! Russian Danger!”.

In fact, the most important aim behind the “UK Gas Poisoning play script “is to poison the mentality of EU. she said, “Russia not only is a danger to Great Briton, but also to the whole Europe! The others agreed. French president Macron, who is delegate of the Rothschild Banks in France, is fallowing the same Rothschild policy of UK.

Russia has never been a danger to any country. But British Imperialism is historically and currently the absolute source of danger and sickness to all the countries of the South through its attacks and colonialisation and danger to the rest of the world through imposing its sick capitalist-imperialist mentality and ideology. This present fact given in the above lines is an example. The UK system is an absolute true poison for human beings. Russia is not alone. But UK is down the drain. By hanging on to EU, it cannot rescue itself. The EU needs to be careful with economic and political decisions. The UK is not a reliable partner. The UK regime by nature is just a taker. It is coming back to take. It is trying to find a way not to pay its debts.

Of course, unity is good and is power. But not with the devil. The EU should not bend over to give its back to UK to misuse as a step to climb up. UK Is the absolute misery maker. The EU must unite with Russia. and let the UK go down the drain.

The events after the 4th March Spy poisoning play script are; The Russian election, and they were trying to ruin Putin in media, which was unsuccessful, NATO’s direct involvement in Syria, instead of proxies, the US announcing that is not going to leave Syria. Tressa May UK prime minister announced UK wants to return to EU!

The Imperialists parasitic program is clear, they want their share of the Syrian resources. They want free gold. They are mafias and they want to kill the people and colonialize the land, their union NATO is a shameful, disgraceful mafia organisation. And a sham for humanity. The USA is the biggest charlatan, because it does not even take any Syrian refugees.

The duty of the imperialist media is to show the facts upside down. To show that Dr Bashar Al-Assad is a cruel person, who is killing his own people. And to show the mafia NATO organisation, as a kind humane organisation, which wants to rescue the Syrians, as they have rescued the Afghans!

The Russian nation, with its strong support of Putin in the resent election, in fact has made a clear decision;

No changes in Syrian borders.

No change in government, Syrians decide for their future.

The Parasites should leave Syria.

Human society needs revelation of the truth by the honest journalists.

In Syria, two great forces are facing one another.

The USA, UK and their NATO, their Islamists, Erdogan, Israel in one side,

and Bashar Assad on the other side with Russia.

The Legal presence of Russia in Syria, which is due to the invitation of the Syrian Government, has also other aims too. The unipolar world after 1991, has deeply damaged the world and has not been to the benefit of any one, except the USA. the resulting is tremendous class difference, misery and constant wars.

Today, humanity is facing vital questions;

Should unipolar world go on and be led by the USA or be changed to collective leadership?

War, miseries, poverty, or peace, humanity and living possibility for all humans? Today, supporting Syria, is supporting humanity,

It is against savage colonialism, it is for the true human rights.

This is not only supporting Syria, but also supporting the honour and dignity of the supporters too.

Today the identification of honourable revolutionaries is the defence of the rights of Syrians.

Today the real step to rescue human beings from all the conspiracies is supporting the Anti-imperialist line.

Down with the Parasitical imperialists

Long live the Russian nation

Women’s Power

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