James Mattis, US Defence Secretary, please answer.

James Mattis,
US Defence Secretary, please answer.

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On Tuesday 27th of March James Mattis in an interview in Pentagon, mentioned a few things which you can read below this article. These are the questions which need to be answered following the interview.

-Whereas London has repeatedly used the word “highly likely” in regard to Russia’s responsibility for the 4th of March event, then Theresa May upgraded it to “no alternative conclusion other than that the Russian state was culpable”, and now you use the word “certainly” and act against the Russian Embassy’s official employees and discharge them?

-If London is honest in its claim, why has it kept quiet in front of the Russian request to cooperate with the investigation? And why has it not sent the sample to be tested in Russia?

-If this play script has not been produced for preventing Vladimir Putin from being the winner of the Russian election, then how and why have these 25 countries plus NATO taken the same step in a big arrangement?

The fire in Kemerovo in Russia is under question,

Who set the place on fire?

-After the fire, the BBC happily reported that the people of Russia in a demonstration are asking for Putin’s resignation. Isn’t this fire the subsequent step following the 4th of March play script? And isn’t it against the election and wish of the Russian people? And doesn’t it come out of the same bag as the 4th March play script?

The problem belongs elsewhere.

The USA, having since WW2 destroyed and dominated the countries of the “South”, with the aim of taking possession of their resources, is dashing ahead.

And with the huge numbers of the refugees, is weakening the Europe. And wishes to rule the world. A rule of the type kills school children.

London and Paris and the rest which have accepted your lordship, are only showing their lack of personality. And Israel, which is continually wailing against Atomic Iran, in fact is obeying the US Zionist leadership to provide it with an excuse for a US attack. And your Regime to survive needs constant world chaos. Your political script writers should not try to act as intelligent, because they look stupid when they try to cheat the people by producing corrupt play scripts.

Russia is not alone. The large World Anti-imperialist Front supports Russia. The time for US mono-leadership is over. The game of play scripts needs to be stopped. The world is for collective leadership. The nations have personality and need no lord.

The USA is not allowed to assign and determine duties for the people of Iran and choose and impose a leader on them. A US and NATO military intervention will never succeed. The people of Iran hate the horrible Mullah regime. But they hate the USA regime more. Because the US interference is the cause of the constant bleeding in Iran’s prisons. And with further interference it is causing the revitalisation of this horrible regime. The people of Iran don’t wish to have a lord. The USA has caused tremendous damage to the people of the Middle East. It should leave our people alone. We refuse to be cheated any longer by the USA. And when hearing the name of the USA, the resistance power of Iran’s people rises. Our hatred against the US regime is eternal. Because our prisons have always been bleeding because of US interference. If the USA regime has capabilities, why doesn’t it change the terrible condition of the USA, which are a total disgrace? From the school massacres to the world massacres.

The relation with Russia is an honour, which needs wisdom.

Freedom for the exploited US people from the claws of the US monster regime!

We are the Victorious Ones.


Women’s Power












Reaction to Russia

Mattis also had tough words for Russia and its president, Vladimir Putin.

“Russia has chosen to be a strategic competitor even to the point of reckless activity and that’s the only thing that it can be called to the innocent people in Salisbury who were exposed possibly to the potential of being murdered by this stuff,” Mattis said.

Asked if Putin was responsible for Russia’s actions in Salisbury as well at its military intervention in Crimea and armed support of separatists in eastern Ukraine, Mattis said, “Certainly he is responsible as the head of state.”

But Mattis did say that high-level contacts between the US and Russian militaries did manage to prevent a clash in Syria this week after Russia was able to get pro-regime Russian mercenaries that had been amassing near US troops in Syria to pull back.

Mattis acknowledged for the first time that Russian mercenaries had participated in a February attack on US troops and their local Syrian allies, an attack that left over 100 pro-regime fighters and multiple Russians dead, later acknowledging that Russia had at least some control over these groups after Russia helped get similar fighters to pull back from positions that were close to US forces in Syria.

Mattis said that Russia was able to get the mercenaries to pull back, following high level talks between the Chairman of the Joint Chiefs, Gen. Joseph Dunford and his Russian counterpart, Gen. Valery Gerasimov, which he said helped avert another clash like the one last month.

“These were forces moving into more advanced positions, too close, de-confliction discussions with — between our chairman and his Russian counterpart, General Gerasimov, and those elements fell back so we have also drawn off slightly in order to maintain the de-confliction between the elements there. So it looks like this time it was resolved through the de-confliction communication line, it did not go into harm’s way as it did there a month ago,” Mattis said of the pro-regime forces, which he described as being similar to the Russian mercenaries that were killed in February.

A coalition military official told CNN earlier on Tuesday that the pro-regime forces had begun to pull back west across the Euphrates River, which serves as a demarcation line between Russian and US-backed forces in Syria. Those same pro-regime forces had previously been massing and taking up positions east of the river, an area that is nearby where US troops are advising local Syrian Democratic Forces fighting ISIS. The official said that the pro-regime forces have now taken up positions west of the river but said the coalition would continue to observe them.

Dunford and Gerasimov discussed Syria last week and, while calls between the two top generals are rare, it was the second such conversation in less than two weeks.

“This is a recent development but we think that the potential for a clash there, thanks to the Russian direction to this group, has been reduced. Obviously you can’t remove anything from that very complex zone but it looks like it went in a stable direction for right now,” Mattis said.

Asked if the Russians’ ability to get the mercenaries to pull back showed that Russia is in control over these types of forces, Mattis responded, “I believe they are.”

CNN’s Barbara Starr contributed reporting

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