Expansion of UK domination in Middle-East and funny second coup plan.

Expansion of UK domination in Middle-East
and funny second coup plan.

Farah Notash Worlds Anti-imperialist Front Women’s Power

Vienna 04.04.2018

It is an undeniable fact, historically recorded, that the British Empire and UK imperialists, for dominating countries, have misused all the super- structure in the regions of their interest, with a special attention to the lever of religion. Beside infiltrating in all political parties, administrative jobs, intellectual centres, stablishing Trotskyists, and taking control of some branches of Sufism, religion has always been in the first place.

The UK has influenced and altered the Islamic Religion, in the Middle-East and north Africa, and has established the pyramid school of imitation.

This school, has trained obedient religious Ayatollahs, with duties of keeping the masses neglected and backward, as if they have been blinded. The Ayatollahs are all in a pyramid hierarchy connection to the UK. This goes back centuries. Therefore, while in the Marx pyramid, the kings are on top and religious Authorities come on the third place, under, in countries exploited by imperialists, the religious authorities who enforce the colonialist’s orders stay on top, then come the monarchs and rulers. Even though the rulers are also under domination of the same imperialists. If the orders of imperialists, is neglected, the ruler will be assassinated in the name of God or will face blind religious revolts. In these countries religious domination is obvious.

The UK domination was ensured by, stablishing the horrible terrorist Muslim Brotherhood organisation in Egypt in 1928. The Iranians branch “Devotees of Islam” (Fadaian Eslam), through the Iraq school of Najaf. UK imperialism knew very well that no political ideology is able to collect so many obedient blind followers. Therefore, it has always protected this channel cautiously. This is the true method of putting humans in chain.

The Shia Mullah Regime of Iran, with old and deep hidden connections to the UK, is only following the orders of the UK with aim of expansion and domination. That is the reason for paying people, to convert to Shia Islam. The Cambodian Buddhists, Latinos, all the Sunnis of Middle-East and north Africans! That is why, Mullahs use the expression of “Moslem People” instead of the Nation of Iran!

Iran’s independence is nothing but a big lie. The Shia Mullahs are the obedient servants of the UK, and their training method in Glom, Meshed and Najaf, is the imposed British school of imitation in a pyramid shape, with the UK on Top.

Iran is a hidden religious neo-colony.

And in the struggle of the Mullah Regime against the USA, Iran is the secret proxy of UK in competition of the two imperialists. And nothing else.

If political analysers, see the political activities only through the struggles of Mullahs against the USA, and think the UK monster Imperialism has become domesticated, then they will reach a very wrong judgment and conclusion. Iran’s Mullah regime is not anti-imperialist, it is just anti-USA.

If the Mullah regime is defending Palestine, it is not because of humanism. It is because, the UK regrets giving its colony for free to the USA and wants it back. Therefore, the Mullahs are the UK proxy in Palestine. The Mullah regime only helps Hamas, which is the Moslem Brotherhood of Palestine. All the world has witnessed how nastily the Mullah regime weakened the original Palestinian fighter organisations.

And their help to the Yemen Houthis is only to expand British domination in the

Middle -East against the USA.

And Its struggle against Saudi-Arabia is for taking over Kaaba from the US Zionists Wahabi – Salafists and expansion of UK domination on the world.

Since the 19th century, the Zionists of the USA by copying the UK have started establishing and misusing religions. Such as Baha’i and Jehovah’s Witnesses, religions of the 19th century. And Daesh, (Iraq- Syria 2011), Al-Qaida (1976 Afghanistan), Taliban (1992 Pakistan), …

If the Shia Mullahs are connected to the UK, the Sunnis and the Branch of Sunnis Moslem Brotherhood has switched their connection to the USA, as Turkey (Erdogan, Fatolah Golan), Egypt, (Morsi). The Egypt Moslem Brotherhood held all their weekly meetings in the US Embassy before 2011. And Hamas is a Sunnis Branch of the Moslem Brotherhood. In Morsi’s time they stopped their connection to the Mullah Regime, but after the Morsi’s collapse, they connected again to the Mullahs. They receive money from Mullah regime.
The Mullahs dictatorship is very rough, and harsher than all the colonialists’ dictatorship. No similarity to any anti-imperialist government.

Mullahs are all totally corrupt thieves or support thieves. They have the character of capitalists and imperialists.

Their opposition to the Zionists, is because of rivalry and their similarity in totalitarianism.

Their policy in Afghanistan, was destroy socialism, co-operating with the Taliban and Al-Qaida and making social catastrophes until today. They, together with the USA, are responsible, for the Afghans’ misery, despair and calamity.

Since the twentieth century, due to Anti-Colonialist Movements in the world, the UK has been aware of worlds rejecting its policy. Therefore, it is carrying on with its dirty colonialism in underground religious form.

The Mullahs are all related in a large Family. And their outer surrounding circle are also their relatives. If they see anyone preventing their domination and enlightening the people, they finish his life, with a religious order, a Fetva.

The son of Khomeini, Ahmad, was killed by Rafsanjani, while his son Hasan

Khomeini, stayed beside Rafsanjani, hoping to become Leader, just like Khamenei, who was made leader by Rafsanjani.

Due to his new pro US tendencies, Rafsanjani was killed by UK Khamenei. Mohamad Khatami is son in law of Khomeini the leader, and Mahmood

Ahmadinejad, is close to the Lagevardi, well known, UK servant, the head of Tehran Evin Prison. He has shot 8000 opposition prisoners in Evin prison. He became president with the help of leader Khamenei. But during his second term, 9 years ago, fallowed the UK coup plan, with the Leader, against the green movement. With two aims of keeping everything under UK control, and plundering the budgets.

This UK coup and hidden relationship was revealed to Ahmadinejad during his second term. Since then, he has been always threatening and blackmailing the leader. He has always wished to be president again, but the people hated him, and the leader could not help him to get in the circle again

In the new UK Coup plan, he plays the role of the opposition to the leader. This is e new UK invention, as an internal opposition to save the disastrous Mullah regime. Few of his gang are in prison, and for imposing him to the people as a revolutionary opposition. He is the last to rescue Mullah regime. And now the second funny coup is on its way. As the USA is coming towards Iran, with two opposition, Mujahidin Khalegh and son of ex Shah, the UK is also trying with an internal opposition to save its Mullah Regime, whereas from the other side, the UK as member of NATO, next to the USA, follows an aggression plan on Iran!

English man says: a wise man does not keep all his eggs in one basket!

And the Revolutionary Gard who has been at the service of the leadership in

smuggling foreign products, now is speaking of total corruption, and getting

ready to fight against it! They are part of the new Coup just as the old coup!

If the people of Iran threw the UK out of the door, in the Mossadegh era,

it came back through the window, and is in power and trying to stabilise its

existence in Iran, through saving the Mullah Regime.


the unity of Anti-imperialist opposition to day,

is as vital as air for the people of Iran, against all these

rising calamities.



Women’s Power

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