Bankrupt Imperialists’ attack to Syria and the Gas Conspiracy

Bankrupt Imperialists’ attack to Syria
and the Gas Conspiracy

Farah Notash                   Worlds Anti-imperialist Front             Women’s Power

Vienna 14.04. 2018


On the one hand, the creation of the UN Organization for the Prohibition of Chemical Weapons was an advanced humanist step taken to protect nations against a weapon of mass murder, but on the other hand, for some time the world has been witnessing the misuse of this ban by the imperialists. They misuse this ban when they want to expand their domination by cheating and lying. The attacks with the excuse of chemical weapon use, started in 2003 in Iraq and is still going on till today.

The imperialists used the chemical weapons through their proxy armies (the Islamists) many times, and through their media widely condemned the Syrian government for it, announcing that the Syrian Government had misused Chemical Weapon against its own people. And before any investigation, they arrange a theatrical scene, to make investigators believe their lies as the truth!  

International solidarity exposed the White Helmets. They were injecting chemicals into poor Syrian children to prepare them as evidence for the investigators. Then the USA attacked the Syrian airport with 59 rockets.

Last week France was in the news due to its further help to the Islamists. Then Israel attacked the T4 airport, and a Chemical Attack was reported on Douma near Damascus on 7 th April.

These all were parts of a complete conspiracy project.

Between the days of 8-12 April, Trump was ranting about his intentions to make a hell out of Syria. On 12th April US Defence Secretary James Mathis announced there was not enough evidence for proving the use of Chemical Weapons. And even if there was evidence we could not prove who had used them.

The French Macron insisted that he has the evidence that Chlorin (or Sarin) gas had been used, but he cannot give out the details! And that Bashar Al-Assad should be punished for it! And Mrs Conspiracy (Theresa May) agreed.

On 9th April Douma was completely freed from Islamists by the Syrian Government. And the Islamist left the ground after an agreement with President Putin. East Goutha was totally freed from the Islamists. But what has happened in Douma, was due to Islamists and direct UK cooperation. General Igor Konoshenkov, the speaker of the Russian Ministry of Defence, announced on 12th April: Russia has considerable evidence of chemical cooperation between the Islamists and the UK. And the aim was to provoke the USA to attack Syria.

There were no more findings after James Mathis’ announcement of a lack of evidence, and the 13th April consultation of France, the UK and the USA on attacking Syria brought no further evidence.

Syria in the early morning of 14th was attacked by the USA, France and the UK.

Russia is determined and is dedicated to support Syria and would never allow the calamity of Iraq and Libya to be repeated in Syria.

And the US attack on Syria, together with its two servants, the UK and France, was only like a dry bone thrown by Russia to a barking dog. Just to quieten its constant barking. The places earlier evacuated were attacked by the rockets. And 75 out of 130 rockets were destroyed before reaching their targets.

And all the Imperialists said after the “Attack Show”, that their aim was not the

collapse of Bashar Al- Assad. Well then what was their aim?! Just a fake show of

honour to cover up their dishonourable games?!

The Gas Conspiracy, which started from London, with all the imperialists blowing in harmony into their media horns and trumpets, was due to their dissatisfaction at their loss in Syria. They are not happy with their own position in the world either.

This victory for Syria is the beginning of the change away from a unipolar world with the USA on top of it.

From now on, imperialists are not able to do what they want. They know it now. That makes them enraged and desperate. The Gas conspiracy against Russia which started in London and ended in Syria, and has finished with this Attack Show, is the poison of their defeat. And is a mask of honour for the defeated unipolar Emperor in Syria.

And we are the victorious ones.

Defeat is very bitter for the imperialists.

The world is no longer unipolar.

Women’s Power

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