Independent EU and world’s collective leadership

Independent EU
and world’s collective leadership

Farah Notash Worlds Anti-imperialist Front Women’s Power

Vienna 12.05.2018

In recent days what has been extremely remarkable and striking, is the open US domination on the EU and the EU’s tolerant reaction.

Trump in his speech after getting out of the Nuclear Agreement between Iran and 6 countries on 8th of May, not only announced further sanctions on Iran, but also on EU companies which have further deals with Iran!

After Trump’s announcement, John Bolton, US President National Security Adviser, the destroyer of Iraq in 2003 and butcher of the Iraqi nation, in an attack based on lies, gave just a few months to foreign companies to leave Iran!

On 11th May, the US ambassador in Berlin, Richard Grenell, wants all German companies to stop their deals and activities in Iran!

These sickening orders which come from a crafty illusion of “USA mastering the world”, are still going on, while the situation has totally changed, and the evil USA is not the master of the world anymore. The world is not unipolar anymore. How long will take for the unintelligent USA to understand?!

As Russia, with its great effort in defending Syria, has upgraded its own position, the world is expecting changes in the EU’s position too. The world needs collective leadership.

This is the true change the world is waiting for.

Although in supporting the Nuclear Agreement, France, Germany and England

were firm, on the other hand by not condemning Israel for constant air strikes on Syria, they were totally passive and quiet. The sentence of “restrain from both sides” used by France, Russia and Germany, when Iran had answered the constant attacks of Israel to Syrian bases, was totally unfair.

The world expects personality from EU. It must openly condemn the USA and Israel. When they break international low.

Although Netanyahu tries to act as a leader of an independent country, in fact he is only a petty speaker of the US-Zionist dominant monster who tries to dominate Trump from outside the White House, where other Zionists in the White House have failed to persuade him.

Netanyahu who has played an active part in producing and supporting Daesh and all the other Islamists Terrorists, has been bombing Syria whenever needed it and it has never been condemned or seriously punished by the UN or any other major countries. It has helped all the Islamist against the Syrian government during all these years of horrible war.

Even in the recent months, Israel has been shooting at thousands of demonstrating Palestinians without any penalty. This monster has been growing under the mask of the Holocaust. After many times of attacking Iran’s bases in Syria, Iran has attacked the Golan Heights which is a part of Syria occupied by Israel. The USA and UK have supported this monster and have given it the right to attack in return. And the others have called for restrain. This Monster has attacked Syria with 75 missiles on 9th May. Israel wants to be free to bomb Syria with excuse of stopping Iran from helping Syria.

The decision of who is going to stay in Syria or any other country is only up to the legal governments of the countries and not up to the US’s baby monster in the Middle -East.

If co-operation between National Socialists and Zionists, ( like the Nazi-Zionists

cooperation in the USA today) resulted in the Holocaust why should the people of the Middle-East pay for it?!

Why should this baby monster grow in the Middle-east?

Why does the EU not openly condemn Israel for bombing Syria?

And why do the US-UK encourage it for further bombing? Isn’t it a green light for starting of a new war? What have the people of Middle-East done to you that you want them to be massacred and live in poverty?

Is this your human rights?!

Trump on 8th May was giving a message to the nation of Iran suffering under the Mullah Regime, that the US nation is beside them. But the US Nation is also suffering due to the pressure from a similar monster regime to the Mullahs regime, and Trump is the true representative of that 1% and not the

US nation. So, he does not need to show sympathy towards Iran’s nation as the total US regime is the true cause of Iranians’ sorrow and its result is the Mullah Regime. NO REGIME CHANGE imposed on IRAN!

It is time the EU parted ways from the US Monster Regime. The world expects humanity and responsibility from the EU. The USA is evil, as the US imperialists live on the extinction of nations. It is a shame to be US partners or US allies

Trump-Netanyahu and John Bolton, you are dying to attack us. So, do so!

Iran’s united nation has been waiting for a long time to give you back your due. Iran’s Nation hates the Mullah Regime but hates you even more. And Iran’s pure revolutionary Opposition would never give over the joy of bringing down the Mullahs to any foreign forces.

All the 6 out of 7 countries signing the agreement are expected to respect their signature under the agreement and stand by the Iranian nation. And from the 8th May 2018 onwards, look at the respectless USA as irresponsible uncultured uncivilised greedy Yankee monster with no principles who wants to swallow the world.

This is a command from Iran’s pure revolutionary opposition to the Mullah regime:

Do not wait, Prepare John Bolton’s grave stone and put it in the ground in front of the public toilet in Tehran, till the stinking corpse is ready to be thrown in to it. Other commands will be in Farsi.


Stand for Worlds Nuclear disarmament

Down with the USA Down with Israel

Down with the Mullah Regime

Women’s Power

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