Iran’s Nation’s Command to the Mullah Regime,to prevent the Mullahs from getting massacred inthe transitional period

Iran’s Nation’s Command to the Mullah Regime,
to prevent the Mullahs from getting massacred in
the transitional period

In this critical era when US &Co, to conquer Iran’s resources, are putting all sorts of pressure on Iran’s Nation and are trying to bend the Mullah Regime to meet their goals, have decided to break Iran’s economic structure and drive Iran’s Working class to extinction.

This written Command is based on the Iran’s Nation’s cry in demonstrations, strikes, and written protests in the past few years and especially in the past few months for the following reasons:

To keep control of government power in the transitional period, to pass over the power to the real delegates of the people, to prevent chaos, to prevent the Mullahs from getting massacred, to Prevent the US programmes implementation and their infiltration and interference.

You … Mullahs;

with the slogan of “preferring the residents of huts to residents of palaces “, you received the unlimited support of the people of Iran. In the 40 years of your ruling, you stole all the national budget, and all of you became palace residents and ruined the people’s lives.

Your reign was due to people’s support, but today that the people have turned their backs on you, you only have two ways to go: to accept the US’s abject servantship or the obedience to your lord, the single United Nation of Iran and hand over power step by step as you are commanded and directed.

Only an idiot makes the same mistake twice.

In the Iraq-Iran war, the Iranian people showed great devotion in their fight against the attacks, but you, ungrateful of the nation’s sacrifice, put your foot on the throat of the nation and whipped the bare backs of the hungry workers for protesting against many months and years of postponed wages.

You robbed the budget, made the people miserable and pushed the nation under the poverty line. You took the protesting people to prison and killed them there, and under Islamic mask continued your mischief. Iran’s Nation is not stupid, so they will not sacrifice themselves again, against the attacking enemies and give the joy of reigning and palace sovereignty to you. This time before the enemy’s attack, they will take over sovereignty and will never give any piggyback ride to anyone. Your turn is over, no force, no mischief will help you to keep power. you know this better. That is why you ask the oil customers to transfer the money straight to your Foreign Bank accounts in different countries instead of National Treasury. You buy houses in England, Canada, Turkey and other countries. And you don’t know which one of you will have to run away first. So in this transitional period, to deliver sovereignty to the delegates of the people, you must obey the people’s command and never dream of helping any of your corrupt political branches to take over.

From now on, you must announce officially to the world through all your media, that you will obey Iran’s Nation written commands, :

# Iran’s Single United Nation has no war with any country and has no interest in interfering in any other countries civil problems. And if any country attacks Iran, the Single United Nation will defend the borders with all its power.

# The relations and dealings between nations is the right of all nations, and the Nation of Iran does not accept sanctions against any nation. From now on, to prevent any nation to be oppressed by the US Zionist method of torturing nations by sanction , ask all the nations to prohibit the US currency in their dealings and ask the worlds economists to introduce a new neutral alternative to throw the Zionist US monster out of international relations.

# Freedom of activity for all the anti-imperialist secular parties and organizations is an order. As all the calamities have been imposed or Iran’s Nation by the imperialist servants and Islamists, the end of their activities in Iran is announced.

# Freedom for anti-imperialist secular publication is required in all media.

# From now on execution is forbidden in Iran.

# Freedom for all political prisoners (except Mir Hossein Moussavi, his wife and Mehdi Karroobi, for them to attend on open public trial, for their life time reformist treason.

# From now on, all the members of the regime are banned from leaving the country.

# The abolition of the Morality Patrol and a ban of interference in people’s private and personal matters is announced.

# All the stolen national currency in foreign bank accounts of all members of the regime is to be transferred to the national treasury at once. The amount of stolen national money has been published and distributed several times in the world. There is no need to hide anything!

# Iran’s Nation for two reasons would not allow any members of regime to leave the country for the other countries as refugee. To prevent contamination of other parts of the world with the poison of this horrible Idea. To implement justice.

# Immediate payment of all the postponed wages of workers’ in co-ordination with their delegates is required.

# Immediate economical help and water supply for desperate farmers, in co-ordination with their delegates.

# Immediate attention to the teachers request in co-ordination with their delegates.

# Call back all Iran’s armed forces and advisers from other countries all over the world.

# Stop propagation of all kinds of mischief s and stealing and deceitful behaviour under Islamic masks under the name of exporting revolution.

# The involvement of armed forces in any political and economical activities is forbidden.

# The marriage of children is forbidden. Co-ordination with non-Islamic women’s organisations.

# Building schools and places of training for Mullah students is forbidden.

# Powerful internet and telegram is required for the whole nation.

# Immediate announcement of a constitutional assembly election date, co-ordinated with anti-imperialist parties and organisation in the next few months is an order.

Worlds Anti-imperialist front Women’s Power Farah Notash

Vienna 15.05.2018

Women’s Power

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