Hidden bullet, the world should know

Hidden bullet,
the world should know

Farah Notash Worlds Anti-imperialist Front Women’s Power

Vienna 24. 02. 2018


In US & Co’s proxy war against Syria, which started in 2011, not only the

armament factories got fat, but also the Pharmaceutical industry

producing mind-altering tablet. The tablets which were highly distributed

among the US Islamists fighters, and had to be taken before breakfast, to

become violent and ruin Syria, behead men, rape children, women and sell

them in the arranged slave markets!

A Syrian refugee in tears: “I have lost nothing but my country!”

Last week Netanyahu was going round with a piece of metal, claiming that

this is a piece of Iran’s drone crashed in Israel! (of course, the drone was

shot down in the Golan Heights, which is Syrian Territory occupied by

Israel!) But he forgot to add that in the past few years, Syria was bombed

by Israel fighters 1800 times, without stated anywhere that Israel has been

one of the most active parts beside the US Islamists fighting against Syria!

And now France is expecting miracles from the UN: “If the Security

Council of the UN is not able to help thousands of Civilian Syrians, it is

playing its own funeral bells”.

What an illusion! what is the power of the UN? The call for 30 days cease fire is not agreed and signed by all the members of the Security Council,

what then could be done? The question is,

Why France and other members of NATO who are now worried about the people of East Ghouta, very near to Damascus, were

quiet and passive against US Intervention to Syria without permission?

Why didn’t they protest against Erdogan’s Intervention in Syria?

Why didn’t they do anything against young Muslims getting brainwashed

in the Mosques of their own countries, to become Islamist killers of


Why didn’t they protest against the vast number of mind-altering tablets,

the hidden bullets, produced and distributed among islamists in Syria to

turn them in to savage monsters?

Why, as member of NATO, were they engaged in all sort of arrangements

to kill a nation and ruin their country?

Today, is their cry for the people of East Ghouta, humanistic, or due to

frustration at loosing their last foothold to capture the Syrian Capital and

overthrowing the Syrian government?!

The importance of energy in the wide spectrum of life is clear to

everyone. And any disturbance in the field of energy can turn to a chaos in

all branches of life in the world. Therefore, as the main palpitating veins of

petroleum are running through the soil of the Middle-East, the peace in the

Middle-East needs to be the concern of everyone in the world.

The US foreign policy doctrine is, “to obtain peace in the US, don’t hesitate

to make war and violence in rest of the world”, plus its parasitic style of

leaning on other countries wealth, and freely helping itself to their

resources, which are the main causes for the current chaos in the Middle-


In all researches in to the problems currently arising in the Middle-East,

these are found to be the fruits of seeds previously sown by the USA. It

seems there is no end to the tragic life of the Syrian nation. And all the

miseries are showing themselves as a row of monsters coming one after the

other, in order planned by the USA.

The formation and establishment of the US Islamic army of Daesh, young Muslims brainwashed in the US Salafi mosques in the EU, then trained in the US army bases in Turkey and Jordan, and turned to most savage monsters by being forced to take mind-altering tablets (which makes them violent and oversexed. These young undereducated fully cheated and misused Islamists have flourished under NATO’s direct control and been promised governing positions.

On the other side, they arm Kurds and give them hopes of greater

Kurdistan, keeping them in battle with Daesh. Misusing them for plans of

the USA. They have instilled the poison of extreme nationalism among the

Kurds, keeping the battel scene warm. But when Erdogan starts war

against them, the US keeps quiet. Their plan of border changes has not

worked out. So, with the funny excuse of fighting with its own Islamic

army, without permission of the Syrian legal government the US

intervention goes on in Syria till today.

Every time the people of the Middle -East attempt to rise and change their

awful social and political situation, and free themselves from the chains of

their evil governments, by imposing some external problems, the USA &

Co stops them.

The USA closes its borders on refugees from the countries where it sown

miseries, but the nearest land to reach is always Europe. That is the clear

misuse of Europe by the USA. What a one-sided and a harmful

partnership! Or the correct word to be used, enslaved relationship!

Isn’t it the time, for Europe to say farewell to the reactionary savage USA?

Isn’t it the time for the EU to accept its own responsibility in getting out of

this miserable vicious circle and take a step forward in creating a new


Isn’t it the time for Israel to be stopped at once?

Isn’t it the time for Europe to leave NATO and have its own army?

Isn’t it time for EU to look at Russia rationally and think of unity?

No illogical foreign policy has been observed from Russia. Russia

will never start attacking any country, but will be hard against an


The Mullah regime of Iran is covering its murders with new murders.

While the head of Tehran’s police, has announced that has choked in womb, today’s gathering of demonstrators, Iran’s president emphasized that violence and discourtesy towards police will not be tolerated and asked the revolutionary Guard and milicia, Basidj, that they should not be soft on anyone with harsh behaviour against the police!

Iran’s Sufis peaceful demonstration, against the arrest of their leader and some members by Mullah Regime, as part of a conspiracy plan by Regime, was turned in to a bloody street scene with 5 people killed, 80 wounded and more than 400 arrested on 19th Feb.

The past chaotic week in Iran, due to killing of the environmental activists in Iran’s prisons was followed with the ATR 72 airbus crash. This airbus had 7 environmental activists traveling back to Yasooge from their meeting with Parliament members in Tehran. The cause of the crash, as all the other Mullahs Killings, will remain concealed, but is as clear as day light for the people. So, to cover the last crime, the Mullahs needed a new event to focus the attention away from air crash. The nearest available was the protesting Dervishes. The great number of anti-riot police which were brought to the streets of north Tehran, for this peaceful demonstration, was to turn it in to a bloody hell.

A man drove a bus in to crowd of the police officers. This could not be from Dervishes. But the police beat up the dervishes, and many of them died in

hospital. Many are still many in hospital.

Their Scenario to overcome the bitter crime of air crash is still on media highlight, while the 7-environmental activist whose death in the pre-arranged air crash was planned, have totally disappeared from the news! There is some mysterious news about one of the passengers calling their relatives and asking for help, while the Mullah regime several times had announced that all the passengers and crew were dead.

The Mullah Regime is killing the environmental activists because they are revealing the Mullahs destructive activities against the people of Iran.

The Middle-East evil triangle (Mullah Regime, Erdogan Regime and Netanyahu Regime) as the USA, to keep dominating, need external chaos. Therefore, they all should go.

The rest of Hidden Bullets (mind-altering tablets) are not wasted in

Syria, as many have been brought to Iran by Mullah Regime, and are

forcefully given to Iran arrested opposition, in Mullahs’ prisons. They are

attempting Suicide!

Let the Union of EU and Russia be established


Down with Middle-East evil triangle

but the USA “first”



Women’s Power

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