To the UN and people of the world

To the UN and people of the world

An accusation against the US dirty war against the

defenceless people of Iran

Demand for compensation to Iranians for the damage caused so far by the USA.

Farah Notash Worlds Anti-imperialist Front Women’s Power

Vienna 17.01. 2018

The whole month of December 2017, Iran was shaking and trembling due to the misuse of the HAARP by the USA as a weapon.

Although the Mullah Regime never reported the nature of the earthquakes to conceal its powerlessness, the strange red lights in the sky and horrible strange loud noises before the earth quakes, seen and heard and observed by the nation of Iran, from west to east, north to south and centre, left no question for the Iranians, that the USA was attacking them by misusing HAARP. The US HAARP attacks, were withdrawn when the demonstrations started. (There is vast information about HAARP in Wiki Pedia.

Due to the earthquakes, 550 people were killed, many children became orphans, thousands of people were injured, and many houses were destroyed. The homeless people are still staying in camps in the cold weather of winter,

without having had a bath after more than 40 days, due to the application of US Human Rights!

26th of December was the commemoration of the Bam disaster, the HAARP earthquake made by GW Bush in 26 Dec 2003.

The remained ruined and neglected ancient Bam, is the true evidence, of both the US enmity towards the people of Iran, and the people neglected by the Mullah regime. For the untouched town openly resembles the situation of the people who lost all their belonging because of the USA, and never received any attention from the corrupt Mullah regime. So the nation is getting harmed from both sides.

The people of the world would never forget the dirty grin and laughter of joy and satisfaction of Bush and Bill Clinton, on Haiti’s land torn apart, after the HAARP earthquake by the USA hit Haiti by mistake instead of Iran.

the average people in Iran, can only buy one house, once in their life time. and that happens by borrowing money from the banks, paying back monthly. Now the people who have lost their houses and all their belongings due to US HAARP and are homeless, staying in the tents in middle of the winter, still have to pay the monthly debts to the Mullah Banks. So the Anti Mullah people of Iran, who have suffered great harm by the USA, demand compensation from the USA.

Also, it should be added to US crimes against the people of Iran, all the climate changes in Iran due to the US HAARP attack on Iran in past several years.

The decrease by 60-70 % of rain fall,

unbearable increase of heat,

dirty weather with round floating particles from west to south and centre of Iran, which has been causing the high death rate due to cancer, 5 times more than the rest of the world, due to US HAARP attacks against the people of Iran. Human Rights US style !!!

The USA must stop deceiving the world. Destroying the lives of Iranians while giving fake speeches about Human Rights in Iran!

They think the people are as stupid as they are.

On 13th Jan the US earthquake specialist claimed that the earthquakes are normal in west Iran. The whole nation of Iran has observed the horrible red lights in the sky and laud frightening noises before the earthquakes all over Iran, wherever there were earthquakes, and now you claim the HAARP Usage is normal in IRAN?! These are absolute signs of Your HAARP, you cannot fool the Iranians.

On 14th Jan 2018 senator Bob Corker approved the Trumps policy in to combine the lack of Human Rights in Iran with the Nuclear agreement. Then another five 5 Zionist crooks from US Congress started saying baaaaa baaaaa Yeah, Yeah!!

On 14th Jan 2018, the noises were heard, and light were seen in Kermanshah and at the same time Peru had Earthquake and Tsunami!

And on 16.01.2018, an earthquake hit Nicaragua. Thanks God the US generous Human Rights are being applied to all southern countries!

The Human Rights in Iran, have been ruined historically by the USA till to day, and then Mullahs as well. So, as they are both as bad as each other, it is only the nation of Iran who can accuse both.

The USA is insulting the people of Iran by trying to impose the ex-shah’s son to Iran. That is a total disgrace. The USA is not allowed to decide for the people of Iran, by imposing its puppet. The great Nation of Iran, has thrown the monarchy twice out of Iran. In 1953 by voting for Mossadegh and on 1978 by the revolution. The Monarchy is part of history for Iranians. The independent Anti-imperialist, anti-Mullah opposition is quite capable of taking over power. The USA hiding behind support for Human Rights in the world, tricks the world and takes other steps for its disgusting greed. But the world knows it. And on other hand, the USA had better first heal the open bleeding wound of disgusting, extreme class distinction from the face and body of its own society. Millions of people living under poverty line and homeless people looking for their food in rubbish bins. Shame on the Zionist US Congress and the US government under its domination! In the disgusting discrimination and filthy extreme class distinction, no doubt the USA is FIRST!

The traitor Valid Fars, the Republican consultant of Romney and Trump, should not make music for the oppressed people of Iran, but for the oppressed people of the USA, and his own vanished honour, as a servant of Zionists. Otherwise he wouldn’t have been, at the service of Anti-Palestinian

Romney-Trump. Shame on him!


With hope and expectation of UN help to the people of Iran under pressure from both side.


Long live world solidarity with the people of Iran, against the USA and the Mullahs.

Women’s Power

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