Announcement of national disaster

Announcement of national disaster

Farah Notash             World Anti-imperialist front           Women’s Power

Vienna 10.1.2018


The opposition parties and organisations, all separately supported the

uprising people of Iran and gave similar leading suggestions, all

separately, each from their own websites, but none of them attempted to

unite in one single opposition.

Revolution is just like delivering a baby. leaving a mother alone in delivery

may cause death of the mother and the baby. Leaving people on their own,

at the time of the changes, causes great harm. And as a baby, just cannot

be kept in the womb of a mother after 9 months and 9 days, resulting in the

death of mother and baby, a society prepared for changes, when facing

obstacles will explode.

This is a cry. let us wake up. The flag holders are lagging behind people.

The damages of repeated repression on spontaneous movements without

a single leadership is so severe that, the mental, physical and economic

effects will not be wiped out for several centuries.

Frequent loss will break the back of a nation too. Therefore, leaving people

alone, is not at all correct and is not humanistic and responsible. The

opposition parties and organizations with their unity should make their

nation victorious.

It is obvious that all these parties and organisations have tried many times

to unite, and the bitter experiences of separation are preventing them to

unite again. But this cannot be an answer to the oppressed people of Iran’s

need, to a united anti- imperialist leadership. They are going to make Iran

as Libya and Syria. Iran in thousands of parts, in poverty and misery

between the USA and the Mullahs, will be ruined. That day, the no unity

disgrace and regret, will be stamped on our foreheads for ever.

Our uprising people who have come to the end of the rope, are chained

up in the Mullahs prisons. let us be not indifferent, passive and stiff

towards them. In front of realities be dynamic, active, awake and


3700 have been arrested. 31 people have been killed in the streets. 3 young

men 20-27 have attempted suicide in prisons and some are missing.

Please forward towards

a single anti-imperialist opposition

Women’s Power

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