The end of the Mullah kingdom,the USA and the rise of the hungry People

The end of the Mullah kingdom,
the USA and the rise of the hungry People

Farah Notash World Anti-imperialist front Women’s Power

Vienna 3. 1. 2018

The question of who started the first spark in the petrol station, would not change the fact of flammability of petrol stations.

The essential problem is that the Mullah regime, with the agreement of the imperialists in the French island of Guadeloupe, relying on the White Houses Green Belt Theory, took over the kingdom from the Pahlavi Regime.

From the very beginning, with a great big lie of “preferring the hut dwellers to palace residents”, they started ruling and governing. These lies were clear to the working-class activists.

With the excuse of a fair distribution of wealth according to Monotheistic principles, they disagreed with the existence of free working-class trade unions and parties till today.

It is not only the matter of the anti-workers laws, approved in the Mullah Parliament, but anytime a mine collapsed, instead of rescuing the workers under the rubble, closed the mine, and beat the workers’ crying relatives with club and said the mine is on vacation. Any time the workers spoke up for their rights, they cut their tongues with a blade, and imprisoned them, killed them under torture. Anytime they protest for unpaid salaries, still today, they whipped their naked backs in public.
For the money-dealer and swindling Mullah Regime, no national production except weapon production in defending their regime has any importance. Therefore, they not only manipulated all the economic fields,

banks, stock exchange and market but also smuggle all sort of products free from tax, through private border controls, stablished special for each Mullah. In order to have multiple income, they also order below standard cheap products, from producer countries, and sell them to the standard products price to Iranians. This great multiple dishonesty has caused the closure of many factories and workshops, has caused endless workers to become jobless and homeless with their children in street instead of being at school, being passed on to be misused.

The highly oppressed working class of Iran has tolerated all this to overcome the US attempts to attack Iran in any way, the past 40 years, but now has reached the end of the rope, and is protesting for its rights. Now finding the causes of the spark for this explosion does not change the fact of the flammability of the petrol station.

The reformists ugly defence of the totally corrupt Mullah Regime, has

resulted in the masses’ hatred towards the whole regime without

distinguishing between its strata.

The endless Mullahs in come, with their countless palaces, their endless

stealing from the national budget and murdering of people must be added


The workers’ house created by the Mullah Regime at the beginning of their

rule, was an open path towards their totalitarianism, social asphyxia,

and religious rule of the darkest type.

This regime applies the thousands of years oracles and rabbis’ hypocrisy,

together with all the British Imperialists’ conspiracy. Although it seems to be

fighting against the US imperialism, and helping the people in Middle-East in

fighting against the USA, but in reality, while pulling up the victims from the

bottom of the well, instead of putting the rope around their waist is

tying it around their neck. And it is choking them with the imposed religious rule

in a new calamity. This kind of capitalism, is the hardest type, in the nature of

colonialist dictatorship. And all the other types of religious rule and movements

are also of the Imperialists’ favourite types, for each different era.

Today, the Iranian nation with its rise is revealing the essence of Islamism to the

world, as it has been one of the first victims and has experienced the misery.

–But now the sparks:

The chained successive earthquakes all over Iran, in December, were all the

Harp type, made by the USA, and they were proceeded by red lights in the sky

and many frightening noises. They stopped when the people started protesting.

The USA had two goals, producing destruction and poverty. Just like the

earthquake in Haiti. The world should know the USA is misusing the Harp

Project as weapon for political reasons.

And the Mullahs hid their powerlessness behind claims of activated faults. But

the people of Iran knew it was a earthquake made by the US Harp Project.

All the weather disorders in Iran and Afghanistan are due to misuse of Harp

against the people of these countries to evacuate the place, so that it can easily

take over all the oil resources. The dust and round particles in the air which are

the cause of the high number of cancer in Iran, 5 times more than the other

countries, are due to misuse of Harp by the USA as weapon.

Europe and Russia have Harp too. But they never misuse that against the


— The other spark, is the top management of the Holly Threshold of Imam Risa,

in Mashhad, north east Iran, is totally under UK imperialists domination,

together with the Mullahs school of Feizieh in Ghom.

Khamenei, the present leader is sick and these people who are his fallowers want

to take over the leadership again, and were trying to use superficial protest

started by their people to make a coup and take over the government, with the

cooperation of ex-president Ahmadi Nejat. Ahmadi Nejat was one of the

murderers of the prisoners in the Mullah regime. A number as high as 8000.

— The US activated Iran’s opposition connected to the USA, together with the

Harp earthquake and vast publicity over the ex Shahs’ son.

But the poverty, was the base which spread the protest all over Iran. Many congratulations to the people of Iran for this rise against the Mullah regime in the beginning of 2018.

Dividing Iran, taking over mid-East resources, has been the main part of Zionist

US goal since WW2. That is the reason for occupying Palestine. Announcing

Jerusalem as the Capital, by Trump is a final point to establishing one Israeli

government in Palestine, as US Zionist foothold for all this greed.

Most people are familiar with these facts, but the question for Iran’s people

is, until when should they pay a ransom to the Mullahs against US greed?

Silence and tolerance until when?

Today the slogans of the people from all over Iran, shows that the people have reached the end of the rope.

“Bread, work, freedom”

“the nation is begging, while the leader act as God”

“You made the religion a step to go up, you made the people desperate”

“all these armies have come here, against the leader”

“be ashamed you basenji, stop sponging”

“we fight, we die, we accept no desperation”

“Reformist, fundamentalist, the game is over”

“Mullah regime, we don’t want, we don’t want”

“Hossein Hossein their slogan, criminality their honour”

“cannon, thank, Mullah must get lost”

“Utterly useless mullah, cause of nations sham and disgrace”

“British mullah we don’t want we don’t want”

“Islamic republic we don’t want, we don’t want”

“independence, freedom, Iranian republic”

What is to be done?

the Iranian Nation is under pressure from two sides, the USA and Mullah Regime. And supporting the uprising people is a duty for every Iranian.

on other hand all the spontaneous movement have been repressed.

The aim is to establish a republic, anti-imperialist, secular and with clearly belief in social justice. So, the first step will be, the united anti-imperialist opposition to stablish their united leading committee. In June 2017, the proposed constitution was sent to all the parties and organisations. For the second time it is being sent again. Please send your agreement for uniting by 10th of Jan 2018. The list of your names will be introduced to the nation of Iran. Please send your suggestions and criticism, if any, on the constitution. Your absence will be historically recorded.

Here I must give the Iranian nations gratitude to the great Latino writer “Paolo

Chole” for his solidarity with the people of Iran against the US supported ex

Shahs son. “Shut Up, let the people choose their own leader, you are doing what

your father did in the coup 1953.

Twitter. Jan 2018.


struggle until Victory.

Women’s Power

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