Why Turkish embassies must be ignored

Why Turkish embassies must be ignored

Farah Notash      Worlds Anti-imperialist Front   Women’s Power


For many years world has been witnessing, the arrested Turkish opposition being misjudged in the Turkish courts, and then some have died in their long hunger strikes protesting the misjudgement. 

No signed letters, no demonstrations, in support of all these hunger strikes have been effective.

That is not because these means of cry for help, are incorrect, but because the Erdogan regime is so deeply corrupt which is incapable of hearing any cry. 

The mentally sick Erdogan not only is causing pain for the people of Turky, but also, has been destroying Middle East with his egoist plans and interfering in other neighbouring countries.

Therefore, we respectably ask the UN and all the politicians and embassies to take a steps for the freedom of the Turkish political prisoners in hunger strike, and also activate the end of the corrupt Erdogan regime in a world solidarity.

Freedom for all the political prisoners,

Sibel Balac

 and Gökhan Yildirim




Women’s Power

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