75th commemoration of the nuclear bombardment of Hiroshima and Nagasaki by the USA

75th commemoration of the nuclear bombardment of Hiroshima and Nagasaki by the USA

Great Britain’s and the US’s infiltration army among the world’s leftists.


Farah Notash Worlds Anti-imperialist Front Women’s Power 6th August 2022

Today in the 75th commemoration of nuclear bombardment of Hiroshima by the USA, Antonio Guterres Secretary General of the United Nation, emphasised on world’s obligation on nuclear disarmament.

This is not the first time such a suggestion is made. After the nuclear disasters made by the USA in Hiroshima and Nagasaki in 1945, many times Soviet Union suggested, “World’s Nuclear Disarmament”. And after the fall of the USSR the Russian governments have always warmly received the suggestion. But the USA has always refused to accept it.

The aim of the USA for nuclear bombardment was not to surrender Japan, but to show its own superiority.

The WW2 ended on 8th May 1945, and Bolshevik Soldiers fluttered USSR’s flag on top of the German Parliament. Surely Japan, the only remainder of the world’s united fascist forces, would have shortly surrender, and there was no need for the US’s nuclear bombing of 2 Japanese towns.

After those disasters, USA continued to misuse its access to nuclear bomb, by warmongering, attacking and plundering the resources of every country it wished till today. And never accepted the nuclear disarmament.

The USA with illusory scenes made by its Hollywood, with excuse of imaginary aliens’ attacks, keeps and develops all its nuclear weapons.

But there has not been and will never be, a monster in the whole universe, more dangerous, greedy, and dominant, as the Zionist seed of the US Regime. Therefore, the humans’ civilisations and lives because of their sick greed is in danger.

A look to the US attitude after 1945 absolutely proves this outlook.

The establishment of NATO against USSR in 1949; in fact NATO is a terrorist organisation to attack other countries, killing innocent people, plundering their resources, ruining total living structure, and leaving the nations in absolute misery and poverty. Millions of refugees are the result of these attacks.

The establishment of Bilderberg in 1949, the 2 yearly hidden meeting, with aim of imposing their puppets as leaders of different lands. An easy appliance of Neo-colonialism!

The oppression of the leftists in the world. The Massacre of Korean nation. And establishing hidden infiltration army, to empty the socialist and communist parties, of their revolutionary content. North Korea was rescued by Soviet Union, but south Korea is still US’s back yard. And US’s largest base and army is in South Korea.

The USA has made many coups, has interfered in other countries, has struggled against growth, development of the third world countries, and has been against movements for independency in the world till today.

The USA by applying Sanctions has imposed misery and poverty to the countries against its command.

The USA is the most erosive force against humanity in the world.

The USA with establishing 400 path labs in different countries under command, is active in making bioweapons. And with distributing various kinds of viruses and bakeries massacres the nations. Since Febroary 2022, 40 Path labs have been discovered and revealed in Ukraine.

The war in Ukraine has not started on 24 February by Russia. The war was started many years ago, under CIA commands, and co-operation of UK and Israel, with plans for capturing and dividing Russia to many small countries. For this aim, underground ways of Azov-Stal Steal Factory, 10,000 sq. meter, in Maria pool -Ukraine was misused. And the state of Donbas was nonstop under fire and bombardment, 15000 died.

Under CIA command, the school children’s books in Ukraine, were printed with great hatred against Russia. This shows that the USA is using “hatred” as a soft weapon against Russia. And has been the same in media too.

The Russian gas export to Europe through stream 2 new pipelines, are severely prevented by the USA. The EU has obeyed the USA, to the boarder of Suicide!

Promotion of Hitler for attacking Soviet Union, by the US Zionists was planned. But when the plan was defeated, the first US step was, transferring all Nazi Scientists from Germany to the USA.

After Churchill’s death, the secret plan of the USA and Great Britain for bombardment of 49 Soviet Union’s cities and towns was revealed.

The world has witnessed irreconcilable contradiction of the USA and other imperialists under its command, with the Soviet Union and then with Russia. Therefore, all reconcilable tendencies and “moderate policies” under leftist flags, with this anti-human monster is impossible and basically wrong. For the USA there is no moderation,

under command or enemy!

The Establishment of the “infiltration army” for destroying world leftists, in two sections of British and the USA, was started after WW2.

Until now, 5 branches of the Trotskyists, with different spectrum, have been active under British support. More than half century they have been misleading and paralysing some young leftists,’ and still some are active.

The US -Europe infiltration forces, in many different spectrums, by emphasising on Mao’s critics on Soviet Union, have been spreading hatred against Soviet Union and been able to make distance between worlds revolutionary forces and the USSR.

The US-EU infiltration ideologists have played an important role in this field.

In Ukraine, when the main axis in schoolbooks has been “hatred against Russia”, then the main role of this “spreading hatred policy” is revealed as a US soft weapon.

The defeat of unity among the leftists, is stepping into the field of agreement with the US plans.

In the hidden infiltration army, the ideologist, and deceived forces receive economical support, and brain wash the revolutionary youth against Russia. Why?… Because the result of hatred, is separation, division, and becoming the US tool. The separation is against gathering and gaining power of the revolutionary forces, and is the US strategic soft weapons.

The unity is lever of power. The USA and all the anti-human regimes as Mullah Regime in Iran, are afraid of people’s gatherings and getting organized. The Unity and getting organised can cause their collapse. Otherwise, individuals and small groups have no power to make any changes. Unity with the Soviet Union could add to USSR’s power and help worlds socialists’co-ordination. Beginning of world socialism and can still be.

So, making distance, ( US soft weapon) was against the USSR and development of world’s socialism.

The USA tries to rescue its rotten, reactionary, and anti-human regime with a new methods every day. The USA fears the unity of the world communists. Therefore, by making ideological diversions, causes split ups, and divisions. With its infiltration army, prevents the growth of socialism in the world. The anti-dote of this prevention is return to pure Marxism Leninism. And Russia to return to pure Leninist socialism, as soon as possible, and re-establishment of Soviet Union.

On the other side, cleaning the worlds communist’s field from the US-UK infiltrations army by the true believers of socialism, with obligation to World’s Nuclear Disarmament, in their horizon.

Otherwise, we must be ready to see other wreaths for welcoming new atomic bombers!

Col Paul Tibbets, from Illinois-US, who was responsible for Hiroshima bombardment, was welcomed on return as a hero, with a wreath by the US Ruling class.

World’s nuclear disarmament
Collective leadership in the world and all the countries
Towards socialism in all the world



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