Death of greatest traitor in human history “Mikhail Gorbachev”

Death of greatest traitor in human history “Mikhail Gorbachev”

Farah Notash       Worlds Anti-imperialist Front        Women’s Power  

31 August 2022


There is no need to right his name on his gravestone, everybody knows him. Just, “the most traitor man in the human history” would do!

Not only he was traitor to the nations of the USSR, but to all the humans of the earth too.

By announcing the dissolution of the USSR 1991, he squandered, the most important achievement of humans’ struggle, and labelled himself with everlasting betrayal and idiocy. The elongation of NATO’s bloody life till today, is one of the smallest results.

Not only Gorbachev disregarded 32 million USSR’s victims of WW2, but also gave to the wind, the hopes and wishes of all the humans in slavery of the capitalists in the world. 

Germany’s Nazi Soldiers in WW2, after killing men and women, did not waste any bullet on babies, they left them nude on snowy frozen earth to die. 

Ignoring this agonizing genocide, and the face of the babies in freezing process, can never be wiped of human conscious by thousands of times

of self-criticisms. 

Today in response to Gorbachev’s service to the imperialists, Boris Johnson, the spidery British Imperialist’s refuse, posted tribute to the traitor’s family.  And after him, the other servants of the fascist breeder imperialists in Ukraine, have tributed the family of this traitor.

No doubt, in Russian Communist Party and other Soviet Communist parties’ deep deviations, have enabled these traitors, Gorbachev and Yeltsin, to reach to such a high position, which enabled them to put an end to the socialism and the USSR.  The Gorbachev’s Perestroika was the highest limit of serving imperialists. Today the US bases and nuclear top missiles pointing Russia, in the small supportless USSR countries after 1991, and promotion of Nazi-Zionists in Ukraine, are the result of this anti-human perestroika.

The October revolution of 1917, with leadership of Lenin, became the source of hope for all the oppressed humans on earth.    

Although the US Imperialist and its servants propagate hating Russians, but since the October Revolution, the people of the world have had great love and respect for the Russian people.

Therefore, against the Imperialists wishes, world is hopefully expecting Russia’s return to Marxist Leninist socialism, and revitalization of the USSR.

Russia’s return to the socialism, will be as giving fresh blood into the veins of world’s working class.

Long live the brave Russian people

Long live revitalization of Socialism in Russia and USSR

Be eternal the memory of Russian babies frozen to death in WW2

Women’s Power


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