Keep out Mr Biden

Keep out Mr Biden

Iranian women do not need your help


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Today Joe Biden in his solidarity with Iranian women said, he will help them!

Not for a short era, Iranian women have been suffering for 43 years, due to the USA’s double standard foreign policy. In one side The USA has been imposing the hardest sanctions to the Iranian nation, which the pressure of them, resulted in extreme poverty, to the limit of children dying of malnutrition in the women’s arms. The women have washed the face of their dead children in their arms with their tears. Also, majority of the women got involved with diseases due to poverty and malnutrition and lack of medicine, which caused early death. This contains the middle class and working-class women.

While The USA in Obama’s era, secretly gave green cards to more than 5000 Mullahs’ children to immigrate to the USA, with billions of Dollars in each of their bank account. The money was stollen by Mullahs from the Iranians’ budget. While these parasite Mullah children have fantastic life in the USA, 10 million children of Iran cannot go to school and must work in streets.  The USA has helped Mullahs to put the nation under great pressure by creating great class distinction.

The world witnessed, how openly in August 2021, Joe Biden gave the domination of Afghanistan, to Taliban, and caused Afghanistan’s women having most miserable life in history. The US human rights is helping Mega Riches, and pushing the working class in to the hell of poverty.

The USA has always said does not want to over through Mullahs. That is part of the double standard US Policy too. The US wants the Mullahs and the Taliban rule the two nations, and the women suffer to death!

This is the USA hypocrisy. Therefore, this is an open declaration, that Iranian people wants the USA to keep out of their way.

What makes you to squeeze yourself in, is when you think the people may

achieve the success of pulling Mullahs down! That is why you are squeezing

in to prevent any danger to Mullahs by the people of Iran.

Iranian nation does not need double faced hypocrites, like you and Israeli’s help. Just Keep out of their way. Iran is determined to bring Mullahs down. While you want to save them, as you imposed Taliban to Afghanistan.

Keep out and keep your baby Israel out too! 


This is an order form Iranian Nation to the USA and Israel

“Keep out”.

Women’s Power

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