Mr Putin! and Mr Zaganov!

Mr Putin! and Mr Zaganov!

Collective leadership and its levers


Farah Notash         Worlds Anti-imperialist Front          Women’s Power

23rd Sep 2022

It is not only amount, modernity, and type of the weapons which maters, but the most important winning factor in every war, is the ideology.

Not for every goal, humans are prepared to sacrifice their lives. The soldiers, the people, evaluate the goals. For some goals everyone is prepared to die, but for some others, is not so. Therefore, resistance against sacrificing starts.

The victory of the great nation of Russia in the World War 1 and 2, was due to their belief and dependency on communism ideology under the leadership of Lenin. They knew they are fighting for changing the world from the miseries of capitalism. This is the ideology which gives motivation for sacrificing lives all over the world. That is why, the USA And UK imperialists, to rescue their domination, produce different shades of Islamists to massacre communists and block the growth of communism in the world.

There is no time to lose. Russia will only be the winner of this war, when returns to pure Marxism Leninism.  And be fully supported again by the nation of Russia. And it openly speaks about the mistakes, neglections and betraying and the traitors. That will bring unity of government and nation.

 Today we seriously need to understand the main reason for the changes, which made the beautiful face of Gorbachev so ugly. And we need to know the reason for his mysterious sickness.

The hatred of people in the air, towards the man who ruined the life of a nation, had been the main cause of Gorbachev’s mysterious misery.

The great nation of Russia deserves to get back, what has been stolen from it since Nikita Khrushchev era.

This great nation needs the truth and nothing but the truth.

This great nation, after knowing socialism, will not fight for stability of liberals and Oligarchs. This is when their resistance against war begins. They need fresh air. The whole world needs fresh air. Great ideas like collective leadership of the world, needs the changes in both sides, inside the countries and in the world. There is no justice in capitalism. Why should the humans die to save capitalism?

Russian army in WW2 was facing great lack of weapons and many other things too, but honourably was victorious under the name of Bolshevik army. Don’t wait and don’t hesitate. You are and you will be the winner again. Take a great step to change the world. The world will support you.

Of course, Russia is and always was for peace.

For many years Russia with dignity asked Ukraine to respect the 2014, 2015 Minsk agreements. Even for 2 weeks, the great Russian army was waiting for a peaceful solution behind the boarder of Ukraine before 24th of Feb 2022. What could be done when the agreements are not respected? And the people are constantly killed?

The warmongers are the ones who do not respect the agreements.

The great Russian nation needs truth, and justice.  The world will never forget the great changes towards progress in the world, which were due to Russians giving and sacrifice towards humanity.

Give the great Russian nation back, what they have been fighting for!

Give them back what they have given 32 million victims for it.

Women’s Power


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