We need the EU’s attention to the sanctions on Iran

We need the EU’s attention to the sanctions on Iran

Peoples Front for Iran’s Salvation

81st statement

Farah Notash


On 11th October, the EU announced its decision to impose 15 or more new sanctions on Iran, due to the crackdown on protests.

As the world witnesses, the movement in Iran is not just going to die out like the several previous movements. So, the punishments need to be effective and taken in harmony with this movement. 

We must announce clearly that sanctions never put pressure on the regime, but put real pressure on the people.  

Therefore, we appeal to the EU and all the other countries in the world who want to take the side of highly oppressed women and the current movement rallying behind the codeword “Mahsa Amini” in Iran: Please do something to heal the wounded hearts of millions of women and men in Iran.

Please, instead of sanctions, block the bank accounts of all members of this regime wherever they are, for the benefit of the people of Iran. Please block all their children’s bank accounts, which contain billions of euros, dollars, and pounds for the sake of the 75% of Iranians living under the poverty line. Please remember that all this money is stolen from the Iranians’ state budget.

Please remember that in Iran, there are 10 million street children, who work in the streets instead of going to school.

Please remember that in Iran, every member of this regime and every one of these horrible mullahs is living in an unbelievably luxurious palace.

This is the way you can really help the people of Iran. Otherwise, the knife of sanctions’ will only turn its blunt side towards the mullahs, while the sharp side will be on the people’s throat.


Long live humanity

Long live human solidarity.



Women’s Power

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