Treaty of our unity in 1st May

Treaty of our unity in 1st May

Farah Notash Worlds Anti-Imperialist Front Women’s Power


In fact, no borders can separate the one world, where all parts are interconnected in many ways. The vibrations of one beat at one place radiates to the whole world. And the pain due to war in any one country on the globe spreads to humanity’s entire body.

The USA recognizes its own monopolized rights to bully other nations. And it hides its imperialist wishes behind sanctions, by punishing the opposition that struggles against it.

Donald Trump, the US President from 2017 to 2021, ordered the terror attack against Ghasem Soleymani (A Commander of Revolutionary Guard of the Mullah Regime in Iran) in Iraq on 3rd of Jan 2020. The Mullah Regime believes it has the right to “a revenge” of its own.

On 4th April, Anthony Blinken, the US Foreign Secretory said: Iran knows what it should do for the removal of sanctions against the Revolutionary Guard!

The Commander of the Navy of Iran’s Revolutionary Guard, Alireza Tangsiri, said: the USA has suggested to Iran that in return for not avenging the Terror of Ghasem Soleimani, part of the sanctions will be removed. But Iran has refused such a deal. (21April 2022)

But the Israeli leaders have demanded that the USA keep the Revolutionary Guard on the list of terrorist organisations. (18th March 2022)

Now it is clear that the US Sanctions on the Revolutionary Guard are due to the US recognition of them as terrorists!

But the USA is ready to make a deal regarding its own terror!

So, the USA is not against terrorism, but uses terror as a lever for its own private policy! And it punishes anyone who decides to enter the terror territory, which only is an area of exclusive rights!

The UN Secretory Antonio Guterres, after talking to the Russian Foreign Secretary about the war in Ukraine, demanded an end to the war during a press conference.

And Sergei Lavrov, the respectable Russian Foreign Secretory said: The reason for this war is the West’s interference in Ukraine.

And he accused the west of misusing Ukraine as a base against Russia. He said: The reason for this war is “the aggression of the West against the Russian Geopolitical environment”. (26.04.2022)

The UN Secretary said: in this crisis, there is one true thing with no possible hesitation, and no argument can change it. There are no Ukrainian soldiers on the territory of the Russian Federation. But Russian Forces are on Ukraine’s territory. In reaction to this statement, Sergei Lavrov said: It is correct, and I confirm it. (26.04.2022)

So, the US’s silent aggression with undercover operations in Ukraine since 1947, the establishment of the Azov proxy army against Russia, the 2014 Coup, the order to kill 15,000 Russian people in Donetsk and Luhansk, and the order to ignore the two agreements, Minsk 2014 and Minsk 2015, is legal without any problem! But Russia’s military intervention is recognized as aggression! And the whole globe is the arena for the US, which can

commit any wrongdoing it wishes!

Simultaneously to the Guterres-Lavrov meeting, under the direction of “Lloyd Austin”, the US Defend Minster, a meeting took place at Germany’s Ramstein Air Base.

The delegates and defence representatives of 40 countries, members of the EU and NATO gathered at this joint meeting to discuss ways of supporting Ukraine against Russian attack. (26.04.2022)

The US Defence Secretary, Lloyd Austin said: the USA wants to “see Russia weakened to such an extent that it never repeats such things as it has done in Ukraine.”

And he added, the name of the “Ukraine Defence Consultative Group, ” has been changed to the “Ukraine Self-Defence Contact Group”! And this Group will meet every month to estimate Ukraine’s arm’s needs! (26.04.2022)

So, the name of the US-commanded meetings, under the name of consulting, has been changed to “Self-Defence”! That is added to the hourly reports the US Representative in Ukraine, Volodymyr Zelenski, makes to white house! The US-commanded meetings will run every month with US servants from 40 countries. Of course, everyone knows that the change of a name does not change the nature in any way!

And the USA wants to see Russia so weak that it does not attack any other country! Yes, of course! Only the USA has the right to carry out any attack! And of course, a weakened Russia is better in all aspects!

– Easy to capture it and divide it into obedient small countries.

– Will not be able to defend countries which the US attacks, like Syria.

– And essentially, the USA will be free to plunder and destroy any country it wishes.

Yesterday, Russian Foreign Secretary Sergei Lavrov warned: When NATO is helping Ukraine by giving it weapons, it means that NATO is at war with Russia and using a proxy army. He warned that the Western military help to Ukraine can lead to WW3.

Some didn’t like the warning.

So, Russia should let the USA make the Ukraine into its own warehouse, to bring together its servant countries and make them help Ukraine, and with their money sell its own artillery to Ukraine! That is why the USA is after a long-term war! And let the Ukrainians fight and get killed to the last man! A Neutral Ukraine is not beneficial for the USA. The Proxy Ukraine is much more beneficial for the USA which is on the other side of the globe!

The World Bank warns about the rise in the prices of food items.

The UN index chart, has registered the highest price increase in the past 60

years. An increase of 42.7% in the wheat price and other food items is predicted. This is the result of the decrease in Russia’s and Ukraine’s exports. The world bank says that wheat is one of the products for which replacement is particularly hard. According to this report the export of grains and oily seeds had an 80% decrease due to the war.

But Lloyd Austin and NATO are demanding a long-term war, the punishment of Russia and the selling of heavy US artillery to Ukraine!

It is astonishing to hear the announcement of 24 billion euros’ aid, 800 million euros, 700 million euros, all for buying US weapons for Ukraine!

While all this money is running around, Joe Biden confiscates the few billion of blocked Afghanistan dollars for the victims of Twin Towers in 2001! The continuation of the war will end up raising production costs and inflation. The two countries engaged in a war planned for them by the USA, which today is only pouring oil on the fire, were responsible for 25% of the world’s wheat trade. The imposing of high prices and hunger on the world’s working class and the increase of poverty and misery are the aims of the US warmongers and virus makers. Otherwise, war could have easily been prevented by Ukraine fulfilling its obligations under the 2014 and 2015 Minsk agreements.

Those who ignore agreements are warmongers.

Those who make Ukraine into a weapons warehouse are warmongers.

Those who set up 30 illegal biological labs in Ukraine and produced 430 containers full of all kinds of killer viruses, parasites, etc., are warmongers.

Russia’s warning that it could use nuclear weapons aims at stopping the arms sales to Ukraine and ending the war. If Ukrainians are to be the followers of the Americans, then let everyone feel the danger of death. Why only the people of Ukraine?

And exactly for this reason today Russia closed the gas pipe to Poland and Bulgaria.

The USA is a warmongering, murderous monster, making misery on earth. To stop US Imperialism and its allies, there is no other way than a huge human uprise for socialism.

Forward …you hungry masses of the world with no future
Forward … you supportless labourers in factories and burnt, waterless farms
Forward … you sun-lost worker, in the gloomy depth of the earth for a piece of bread
Forward …you reached to the end of the rope, intellectuals
Love for humans and justice is the lever of our unity

Women’s Power


1947: Beginning of US aggression in Ukraine

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