Forward towards worldwide socialism

Forward towards worldwide socialism

from the Ukrainian divide


Farah Notash Worlds Anti-imperialist Front Women’s Power

Vienna 14. 04.2022

The imposed choices can also be turned in to a magnificent victories. The victories, which drive imposers into the depth of extinction.

The connection between Ukrainian Fascists and the USA is nothing new. The USA has supported them economically, trained and armed them since 1947, and has made a proxy army of them for itself in Europe. But the US deployment of Zelensky as Ukrainian president since 2019, after the 2014 coup, is misusing Jewish Zelensky as a cover for its fascist government and Azof proxy army. This hypocrisy, this double standard US behaviour is only emerged from its long-term conspiracy against Russia.

This hypocrisy, and conspiracy have raised world’s hatred against the USA.

Now, after 75 years of the Ukrainian fascist fundament connection to the USA, it is applying dictated US commands.

From the massacre of 15000 people of Donbas since 2008, till the recent misuse of Ukrainians, as shield, preventing them to leave Mariupol.

When Zelensky ignores all the peace promises he gave before election, and is in swing, is naked that the supportless civil decisions are fading away under the US commands.

Today we are witnessing how the agreements are made fun of, by the USA, and by cancelling them one by one, how the world is becoming unsecure and driven towards nuclear wars.

We are witnessing that the Ukrainian war is the true result of ignoring the Minsk agreements of 2014 and 2015, and crushed diplomacy by the Ukrainian governments under the US commands. The USA withdraws agreements one sided, from Iran’s nuclear agreement till the very important Intermediate -Range Nuclear Forces INF treaty between US- USSR.

And the USA, is misusing diplomacy not for solving the problems, but postponing!

The Ukrainian government has never been in a position to dare to abolish any agreements. The Ukrainian ignorance is only due to the US commands.

The question is, why the fascists of the other European lands are turning their face away from the USA, but Ukrainian fascists are under its command?! In Ukraine, the mask has been ripped of ugly face of the USA!

There is no one unaware of the fact, that war is the cause of, destruction, massacre, and nations drowning in poverty.

But when the massacre of Russian people in Donbas nonstop goes on, and the agreements are totally ignored, isn’t war, the goal of this constant brutality?!

This war has been planned by the USA since 1991.

All the US anti-Russian behaviour and distributing hatred in the Hollywood films, fake news in all the US media, breading all these proxy fascist armies, are only planned for invasion to Russia.

All those who try to introduce themselves as anti-wars, and wish Russia to leave Ukraine unconditioned, their racism and warmongeries, by ignoring an absolute fact, is naked.

Because the war has not started on 24th Feb 2022 with Russian invasion to Ukraine, this war has started on 2008, and 2 Minsk agreements of 2014, 2015 were to stop the war of Kiev against Donbass. And as the result, 15000 people have been massacred by the American fascists in Donbass. The Russian invasion to Ukraine was due to the request of Dounbas for help. This war has been planned by the USA since 1991. Equalising the USA and Russia is absolutely for supporting the USA. There are 2 ways in solving nation problems.

Diplomacy and signing agreements or war.

There is not any other choice for solving the problems between the nations. Those who do not respect the agreements, enkindle the fire of the war. Condemning the oppressed, instead of oppressor is betraying humanity.

Since 2014 Russia many, time has stated to Kiev to respect the agreements. Was not massacre of 15000 people enough? Closing eyes over the criminalities of the fascists in Ukraine is far from humanity. Russia has been pushed for this military defence from Ukrainian Russians. Russia like any conscious human has stood against oppression. Any honoured human would have done the same. Closing eyes on innocent people’s massacre does not suit any human. And unconditional leave, is continuation of the same

oppression on oppressed. Standing against US conspiracy is duty of all the humans.

At last, the United Nation has woken up from the winter sleep and started its activity. Its silence against massacre of Russian people in Donetsk and Luhansk by the Ukrainian fascists, with a statement condemning Russian invasion, was broken. But is still quiet against the preparators of this invasion, which are the USA and NATO.

The silence of the UN against massacre of 15000 people in Donbas since 2008, is condemned.

And Europe constantly falls in the US conspiracy traps. which is the way of Europe’s salvation?

All these conflict and imposed hatred against Russia, opens only one historical and victorious highway in front of Russian government; “one sided abolition of the disgraceful 1991 agreement with the USA, and revitalisation of the USSR” adjusted with pure Marxism-Leninism.

Let the Imperialists die with hatred.

This motion will be rotation command to the world’s working class. By revitalisation of the USSR, world’s left wing will be revived, and will rise against the US warmongerings.

The winning choice for Russia in this war, is abolition of the 1991 agreement. The people of the world are looking to Ukrainian divide anxiously and hoping for eternal burial of the rotten corpse of the USA for ever.

You humans, who Imperialists and their servants want you as slaves, and every day with war, virus and hunger try to kill you, the only way of survival, is world socialism. Explaining the pain is not the cure. The only way for treatment is our unity. Let us rise, unite, and make this imperialists world upside down. And bury imperialists with their servants.

The hatred of imperialists from Russians is because of Oktober revolution. Their wound hasn’t healed, even 31 years after USSR’s collapse. So, the one and only cure is return to true socialism and burry the infectious corpse of the imperialism.

Forward labourers of the world,
The rise against imperialism and NATO starts from the Ukrainian divide.
Let us unite and establish borderless world socialism

Women’s Power

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