Who is crying for Syria

Who is crying for Syria

Farah Notash, Vienna Dec 2013

While on every border officials are making strict control over the passports and visas of the travellers, for the past 2 years the Obama's international mafia opened the boarder one way from Turkey to Syria.

The international Obama's mafia is clearly Justice Development party of Turkey's government (united Islamists parties) and American agents (imams) in European mosques.

Armed smugglers of Al-Qaida, Taliban, Moslem Brotherhood, and Salafis without any problem go through and kill the people, destroy the country and make chemical bombs explode and leave the country again. No one asks why you are entering on other land. Why are you killing them and destroying their houses. The EU mosques from long time ago have been captured by American agents. Until now by brain washing young European Muslims, they have sent over 1700 men to turkey for arm training straight from American army officers. Then have been sent to Syria.

The women and children refugees in Turkey are in mafia's sex slave camps and no one is doing anything for them. And all this is happening in so called an Islamic land Turkey, against Islamic women and children!

In the world nearly 1,5 million Syrian children without parents  are facing the most dreadful future of being sex slaves.

If a person kills someone in Europe, he gets a life sentence. These men going from different countries in Europe to kill the parents of these children how many centuries of imprisonment each of them should get?

The imams of European mosques are responsible for killing the parents of these children, they should all be arrested, and taken to the



Oh Mama

Farah notash
Vienna Dec 2014                                                                     

Oh mama ...oh papa

My life without you......

Why didn't I die with you 


What had I done mama

What had I done papa

To be so harshly punished

You without me vanished


 I cry your name when it's cold... mama

 I am scared when I am sold... mama

I have no one to say...

I am a slave... I can't run away


I don't know what to do

I don't know where to go

I am frightened mama

Come back to me mama


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