Stretched period

Stretched period

Farah Notash                Women's Power

Jan 2014

In reality Ariel Sharon died in his coma on 4th Jan 2006, but his dead life (vegetative state) was stretched till his total collapse on 11th Jan2014.

These 8 years of stretched period has great similarity to the stretched period of the dead life of USA imperialism supporting him. The USA spy imperialist is grabbing on every dirty weed to avoid its fall in the rubbish bin of history.

All of us remember how Obama started his presidentship. He took his first steps as a beggar president, collecting and injecting dollars in to the USA's collapsed imperialist banking system. In all aspects he was the precise choice of USA imperialism to stretch its dead life. The deadly USA imperialism which is supposed to be the leader of the other imperialists. This imperialism was dead then. November 2008

In this deadly stretched period the USA imperialism is up to all sorts of the dirtiest mischief in the world. Although Obama is the cause of all the wars in the world, but he is not directly taking US soldiers anywhere, but sending

A-Qaida, Salafi and Taliban instead. He has also replaced US soldiers in some countries like Iraq with his international army of Al-Qaida. Daily mass murdering with explosions has caused just as much human casualties and material destructions as the period of the US attack and occupation.

The USA pretends in the media that it is helping Iraqi government, against Al-Qaida. Again the deceitful media are reporting of Shia and Sunni civil war in Iraq.

The next great wars planed by USA and UK imperialists will be described as Shia and Sunni wars to burn down all the entire Middle East. With the USA's Al-Qaida, Salafi and Taliban. And this time really aiming to throw the nations back in to the darkness of thousands of years ago, with manipulated interpretation of the real religious source.

That's how Obama receives the Nobel war (peace) prize, the management comity of which has been captured by servants of imperialism many years ago. Receiving that prize, not only isn't any more an honor but really a true disgrace.

Since the year 2003, USA hasn't left the people of Iraq in peace. And now it wants to change the borders, to make one land out of Iraq and Syria, Shaam.

This name belonged to a land which existed 1400 years ago. Now International Al-Qaida under the leading of Daesh is fighting for it.

As with the name Israel which belonged to a 3000 years ago era and Sharon fought for its present existence.

The same line of foreign policy is repeating itself now.

That is why the two appendages of the USA, Saudi Arabia and Israel are now in close harmony and cooperation, helping man-eater Al-Qaida, salafi and Taliban in Syria.  

But imperialism is dead already, and its time is over. This stretched period effort will not cure its sickness and will not give it a new life.

This rotten rope cannot be stretched any more, it is getting ripped apart.

The collapse of Imperialism into the rubbish bin cannot be prevented any longer. The times for these religious governments (theocracies) in all the countries are over.

The Nobel War prize comity, gave its prize to many of Sharon's fellow fighters,

Without any delay it can at least send a wreath to the grave of this War mongering and bloodthirsty soldier of Zionist imperialism.

The armed forces should be aware; all the miseries in the world caused by the USA and UK imperialists and in Iran by Mullahs are due to their reliance on the armed forces. The USA ,UK and Iran's armed forces should stop being misused as misery making tools against other humans .

Standing up against the USA and UK imperialists (also standing upagainst Mullah Regime for Iranians) is a human duty.

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