The caution epidemic

The caution epidemic

Farah Notash       Women's Power          Feb 2014

Among all the miseries going on in the world caused by the imperialists, not all of them make you cry. You can also sometimes find things which really are funny, and they can make you laugh tremendously for ages.

One of the most recent of these which you can come across so often these days is  the caution epidemic!

Now everyone knows that the USA is collecting all the calls and emails, so everyone is trying to minimize their conversation and emails.

Everyone tries not to give any information over the phone or by email!

And the use of these tools for private everyday life is extremely limited! To prevent any information to be given as registered documents!

What you can laugh at for ages, is this very funny caution!

Yes it is true that the USA is collecting all of these calls and emails,

but has it really enough employees and time to listen to all these conversations and read the emails?!

And what would he do with all these nonsensical every day communications?!

These talks are a necessary part of human every day connection.

 Most of today's connections are through the communication media, and not visits as before.

And why should people give up so easily what they need? Instead of fighting for their rights.

Let’s make billions of calls and e mails and say and write  

„Down with spying USA “   in each call and e mail.

Let it collect them all. It cannot do anything against anyone.

It will just push forward its death. Let it die with anger.

Political oppositions in each country have never used these media for their own activities, and no activists are uninteresting for the USA spy.

The epidemic of this caution is just the most comic behavior! 

 But surely the US spying, has been a shock for the states and their politicians. Although there have been serious objections from

 governments, spying are still going on!

The petty Bourgeois are trying to be safe, so they are closing their eyes and blocking their ears, not to see or hear, and not saying a word against imperialists, to prevent problems. But they do not know that when the flood comes, it will sweep everyone away. So they also have to fight against all the injustice to prevent the world from getting in to the modern slavery period. Silence facing cruelty is help for the cruel against the oppressed and helps the rise of crime and cruelty.

Fighting against imperialism is a duty for everyone who wants to be a free human being.

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