Funny John Kerry

Funny John Kerry
The biggest liar of ever

Farah Notash   Women’s Power                    Feb 2014

It is a fact that criminal people hide behind their lies.

The USA foreign policy; always has been totally based on lies.

But in this era seems so funny .Whenever John Kerry has a Media conference, as if a comedy program is going to start people get ready to laugh.

Everyone takes a Job to earn their living. The present foreign Secretary of the USA has to lie to earn his living. A job that nowhere comes on the list of jobs. But among the USA politicians it has a outstanding Value, to keep your face straight and lie in front of the world media. Please do not ask for one example and date as

proof, because all he says are lies. He is a totally untrustable person.

All the people who are following the events have tremendous amounts of evidence and facts that the Syrian war is not a civil war, but a war between the USA’s international reactionary mafia army and the Syrian army.  Also everyone knows very well that these mafias are supported with all sorts of arms, even of chemical weapons from Saudi Arabia with approval of the USA. The latest was delivered by Israel. And always through Turkey Jordan and Lebanon.

This foreign minister appears now and then in the media and talks against the Syrian regime that has committed such and such crime against the Syrian Opposition. However more and more now respects the army of Syria which bravely has stood in front of the most reactionary mafias of USA.

Together with these lies he also gives a few ultimatums to Iran. Yet again everyone knows that their economical dealings are flowering, and the USA would not do such a thing.  For 2 reasons.

1 - It cannot afford the expenses of a new war.

2 - There is no need; the Iran’s regime which is a totally extreme capitalist regime, which in fact is an ally of other capitalists imperialists.

Why should they throw it over?

Saudi Arabia, according to the plans of USA and with the oil money, in 82 countries started different Islamist branches and organizations and nonstop is sending Islamist from all these 82 countries to Syria. So that is the cause of the recent great movement of the people of

Syria( more than nine million Syrian refugees).The greatest panic ever. They have understood the USA will not let them live in their homes. They have given up.  And are empting their home land.

Although Women’s Power hasn’t any microphones and cameras anywhere, but imagining what goes on inside the US state is not difficult for it.

In the past few meeting of Obama’s ministers, John Kerry has been Objecting that he cannot lie any more, as the facts have been revealed, and he has nearly been in tears, saying “please let me retire! I am old enough to die, please let me go!”

Obama replied: “Oh John, come on now, what we have to do, is nothing new, haven’t you studied US as foreign policy and history? We cannot decide for ourselves. We have to carry out the orders. What the imperialists tell us, We are here to lie, and that is all. You are not the only one, we are all lying. What else can we do? Should we tell the world the truth?

That we are soon going to collapse?!”


USA armed forces stand by the US opposition

The world is waiting for your heroic step!

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