Peace cry’s of Haredi Jews

Peace cry's of Haredi Jews

Farah Notash      Women’s Power     Feb 2014

In the past few years, whenever the Zionist state of Israel has attacked or has threatened other nations, the Haredi communities Jews in Israel or other countries have protested against it and its aggression and militarist policies.

The Haredi community are the orthodox Jews survivors of the holocaust, and are against the Zionism. They are the oldest Jewish inhabitants of Palestine, and have been against the racist state, and also against killing the Palestinians. They have always been supporters of peace. The imperialist media are quiet about them.

Like all the other anti imperialist forces in Israel.

 This is the question,

 Why the leftist parties and organizations have neglected them, and why during all these years they have not been supported by peace organizations?

Why when people criticize the Zionist state of Israel for massacring people, are they immediately labeled as anti-Semites?  Or even as fascists? But here we are, Orthodox Jews from Israel are criticizing the Zionist state of Israel,

 So why are they not, labeled as anti Semites!?

Why are all these Zionist pawns  of imperialism everywhere, even more among the leftists organizations .Do they think the people do not see them? And they continue their game as leftists. 

And why don’t they stop serving imperialists through the leftists’ front?

Now these are the facts to rip off your horrible imperialist mask. You are dishonest to the people, to help and implement imperialist Zionist war programs. You pawns of imperialism have gathered under the red flags.

That is why the workers run away from leftists.

You are the reason for the working class deviating towards the

 far right.

Women’s power is supporting the Jews of the Haredi Community who are peace supporters. Women’s   Power is truly against all those who are planning war.   And making war is part of their existence.

The ignorers of the Haredi Jewish Community are supporters of the Zionist state of Israel who is an absolutely none dividable part of USA imperialism.

Women’s Power is asking all the anti imperialist forces in the world to support the Haredi community Jews against the Zionist state of Israel.  

They are for peace and against the racist state. They have been against Zionism right from the beginning.

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