Farah  Notash      women's power        Feb 2014 

End of Jan 2014 Obama announced:  Hollywood is propagating films compatible with USA policy.  

No wonder!

One can ask oneself why in all the Hollywood films and serials

a massive variation of killing is presented to the audience?

Why don’t they let the people have tranquility and peace?

What is the reason of bombarding the audience with bloodshed?

Why are the vampire films made for the young generation?

Why does the US artist opposition have no chance to make films?

Why are the women just presented as sex objects?

Why are porn scenes presented in many films and serials?

And many more whys!

Isn’t it because the producers are under pressure by the imperialists?

The US dictator regime wants society to stay seated. The imperialists’ situation is bad enough without having the people uprising. And giving no chance to the opposition artists of the USA, to make any films. Keep the minds of the masses busy and under control with sex and blood.

The lies of democracy are carried out in every speech, and defending false human rights is also the routine spice of every objection to the policies of other countries and governments. And yet the US nation, as well as all the other nations who are under the rule of bleeding screens and televisions are within  the naked reach of psychological defect of all kind, of serious mental illness injected by these media. There for driving people insane by distributing bloodshed for entertainment.

This inhuman, cheap, reactionary and exact imitation of  the Ancient roman attitude, not to mention ,the primitive instincts of cave men which are supposed to be made in life as modern life, is excreting poison in to human society as joy for the free hours of the day and night.

The main characteristic of the Hollywood films and USA imperialism world policy is as Obama has mentioned are compatible.

That means they both are destructive, antihuman, cheap, selfish .sick and the outlook of the totally selfish and lying system ,  which in every step shows signs and symptoms of a sick, fat, over fed, and old corrupted imperialism with no hope for recovery or future .This regime knows, it has no future, and so destroys everything before its leaves.

The film industry, actors/actresses, directors and producers, who earn their living by working for Hollywood, should realize that they are selling poison to survive.

Women’s power in the USA will shortly take over state and all the talented artists who have no chance for presenting their art now will take over Hollywood.

The so called white House, the Criminal museum, in the near future will show the effects of imperialist policy on the film industry.

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