On 8th March 2014

On 8th March 2014

Women's Power

Farah notash
For Women's power every day is as 8th March,

as the World Women's Power is fighting against injustice in the world.

The few sects forming the top of the pyramid of the imperialistic system, the absolute minority, until now have been able to monopolize and misuse the armed forces (our sons, husbands, brothers and friends) for their own benefit. This has allowed them to persecute the nations.

From now on, the armed forces in all lands are at the service of the beloved, compassionate Women's power (the world anti-imperialist front) which has risen in each land in the world.
The armed men and the women, who have been serving you until now to plunder the nations, will stop serving you, but will serve the aims of their own Women's Power.

So the sects forming the top part of Imperialism's pyramid, if they want to leave planet Earth for other planets, are free.

But they should know that their kingdom on Earth has come to its end.

USA and UK imperialisms with their Prehistoric animals ruling in Iran, the countries south of the Persian Gulf, like Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Oman, Emirates, Kuwait, should know that Women's Power in each land and the world is much greater than needed. Women's Power has enough strength and anger to bring them down.

The children of Syria and the other parts of the world are totally under the watch and control of Women's Power everywhere.

Women's Power will have no mercy or compassion for anyone or any ruling regime who intend to harm and misuse them.

Bashar asad is expected to hand over the government peacefully to the Women's Power of Syria. He is also expected to help the quicker formation and promotion of the Syrian Women's Power.

To Saudi Arabia, the barbarian savage "Pre historic animal" this is an order from Women's Power:

Take back all your brain washed men out of Syria.

Stop brainwashing the young Muslim men, and deforming them into savage man-eating animals. Stop being obedient servants of USA and UK imperialisms.

US and UK imperialisms, you will soon be smashed to powder by world

Women's Power

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