To the Moslems of Asia and Africa

From Women's Power
To the Moslems of Asia and Africa
And all other believers

Farah Notash       Vienna March 2014

The criminal minds and never ending greed of  US and the UK imperialism for plundering the natural resources of Asia and Africa

have founded Islamist movements in the whole world, in order to rule the countries through their native and most reactionary servants.

1650... The start of manipulating Iran's Shia and bringing obedience and totally blind following to the Shia..... by United Kingdom imperialists.

1928... the Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt, was founded by UK imperialism

1976... Al-Qaeda was founded in Afghanistan, by the USA

1992....The Taliban (Pashtu of Pakistan, Afghanistan) by the USA and Saudi Arabia

1992-2014 ....different variations of Salafis and Al-Qaeda founded in 82 countries by American servant Saudi Arabia.

All the masks in Europe have been captured by American agents in the name of imams. They should all be given life sentences for brainwashing the young European Muslims and all the crimes of Syria.

Women's Power gives serious cautious alarm.

Keep away from them. They are not anti-imperialist, but pro imperialist.

The litmus test is Syria.

Have you ever asked yourselves, why the French president Francois

Hollande killed the Islamists in Mali and filled the wells with them,

But he supported Islamists in Syria?

Mali was French colony and he did not want to lose it.

But he wanted to have a share in Syria in the future through Islamists. 

The broken-down pride of the people of Asia and Africa through centuries of humiliating colonialism will not be revived by the false Islamist movement of USA and UK imperialists' creations.

The people of the Asia and Africa need to awaken and not to be fooled and made in to playthings of Imperialists.

Moslems of Asia, Moslems of Africa, and all the other believers in this two oppressed continents, Women's Power the true anti imperialist movement and front , has great understanding and feeling for the situation of these two continents . It opens its warm arms to support all the oppressed humans of the earth.

Your pride will be revived only through your true struggle against imperialists.

Do not be deceived by the USA and UK imperialist Islamist servants. Start your countries Women's Power now. And join the other Women's Power

of the world.

2014 is the year for pulling down these two imperialists and Iran's

horrible Mullah regime.

The World Women's Power is asking all the people of the world to start

Sanction against USA and UK imperialism.

Do not buy anything made in these two imperialist countries and cut them out of your life. The film industries, the cultural and all the banking, and trade, from weapons to medicine should be out of every day's life for every country and everyone in the world.

Religion is anyone's very private mater.  We should not let any

Imperialist misuse that. Therefore religion is forever outside the  area government.

The awakening of nations is the greatest struggle against imperialism.

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