Urgent halt to US for its total disregard of international agreements

Urgent halt to US
for its total disregard of international agreements

Farah Notash             Worlds Anti-imperialist Front          Women’s Power

Vienna 11.05.2019

Although the world seems to be at peace, the increase of tension caused by the USA when it broke the nuclear agreement with Iran, has reached a level where at any minute everything can explode, and the world will be ruined.

The USA has dragged its pallbearing Abraham Lincoln warship to the Persian Gulf, plus all its largest air bombers to southern Gulf Countries to destroy the lives of the remaining Persian people after its constant HAARP attacks against the defenseless people of Iran in March and April.

The horrible USA, to change the Mullah regime has not only broken the agreement, but has started endless sanctions, including the ending of financial relations, and is stupid enough to kill people and push them into the most horrendous poverty to reach its bloody goals.

The USA claims it is defending its interests in the Middle-East!

The question is, why should the USA, situated on the other side of the globe, find its interests to be on this side of the globe? When will we see the end of this sick greed, stretching its hand out into everybody’s pockets and claiming its right to defend its own disgusting, savage interests? Trump has no authority; he is a helpless puppet in the hands of warmonger Zionists. And the most inhuman humiliating suggestion, is the advice given by the EU to the Mullah regime; to stay in the hell the US has made for the people of Iran and still be loyal to this originally disgraceful and one-sided nuclear agreement! Why will the EU not once and for ever stand up for humanity and, together with the rest of the world, stop the USA?

If the USA, relying on its Atom Bomb, is involved in constant daylight robbery, then it is absolutely necessary for all the other countries to protect themselves from this inhuman savagery, and all have atom bombs; or for all humanity to stand up for World Nuclear Disarmament.

The nations of the southern countries will not allow the north, because of its Atom Bomb, to enslave them. These laws created by one side for its own benefit, allowing for robbery of the other side, are no longer accepted. The only countries who had Atom Bombs until January 1967 can constantly use their NATO terrorist organization to rob the ones who have no Atom Bombs! And then they carry out all those deadly attacks with fake excuses against the countries such as Afghanistan, Iraq, Libya, Syria.

This law stinks and is now dead. And after the ridiculous and irresponsible talks with north Korea, and the US getting out of nuclear agreements with Iran and Russia, even talks have become useless and a waste of time.

No more tolerance. The question is not to stop nuclear activities of the disgraceful Mullah regime. But a big full stop is demanded for the warmonger USA and its illegitimate baby monster Israel. Boycott and isolate both these savage Zionist regimes. And make them sign the World Nuclear Disarmament Agreement together with all the other countries. Or, this disgusting slavery, this humiliating ugly life on earth under US domination, will happily end in an immediate WW3, with no need for a 60-day grace!


Down with the US & Co! Down with Mullah Regime!

Long live the world rising up for

World Nuclear Disarmament!



Women’s Power

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