Accusation against the USA government for misuse of HAARP in Iran

Accusation against the USA government
for misuse of HAARP in Iran

To the people of the world, UN and all the governments


Farah Notash               Worlds Anti-imperialist Front             Women’s Power

Vienna 19.04.2019


Although the UN’s Non-Proliferation Treaty of 1967, prohibits the southern countries from producing weapons of Mass Destruction, the USA is misusing HAARP technology “High Frequency Active Aural Research Program” which was invented for agricultural developments, as a weapon for mass killing and destruction over the past several years against the people of the south.

The project started in Alaska Fairbank University in1993 and the HAARP technology was completed in 2007. Ever since, the world is facing the horrible results of this hidden misuse by the USA in different southern countries for political purposes.

The country currently suffering from this misuse is Iran.

Many articles were written by different scientists, explaining that the storms of round particles, blown from Mesopotamia towards Tehran is due to the misuse of the US’s HAARP Technology. But it did not cause any reaction beyond the pages

Of the articles. Then the Earthquakes started in 2017 in west Iran in a consecutive chain. Many towns and villages where ruined and many people died. The people of different eras reported colored lights in the sky and frightening noises heard before the earthquakes, signs of HAARP misuse. That was reported from nearly all the places attacked by earthquake. So again, some scientists wrote that the earthquakes are due to misuse of the HAARP. When people were demonstrating against the Mullah regime the earthquakes were stopped. But when the people were not demonstrating they would start again. The silence between earthquakes was designed in expectation of aggression of the people against the Mullahs. Some places were attacked a few times by earthquakes and the subsequent shakes were even stronger, so they were not after- shakes. Some of the victims of the earthquakes are living in containers and many more still without any shelter at all. This has led to many cases of suicide.

The floods in March and April started with the same style of attacking one town

after the other, and one town being attacked by flood several times. Iran is a huge country, with totally different climate zone, there cannot be natural floods at opposite sides of the country at the same time. This was together with lots of promises through Voice of America in Nurooz massages, for a happy change coming for Iranians soon!

The same joy and content grin on the faces of George Bush and Clintons after the Tahiti earthquake made by US HAARP, is now on Trump and Pompeo’s faces, happy about the dirty step of making millions of people homeless and jobless without being blamed.

The USA is using this new weapon of mass killing and mass destruction, against the people of Iran to crush Iran’s Mullah regime under all sort of economic pressures, But before that, it is ruining the towns and villages and leaving defenceless people in absolute chaos and unbelievable misery.

The USA is happy to hide it, because it is not allowed to misuse it, and the Mullah

regime is quiet about it because it is afraid of people’s aggressive reaction. So,

this is an open gate country for misuse of HAARP against defenceless people.

and announce it as natural disaster!

While according to environmental records, after heavy drought there is also less rains; but in Iran is 250 times more! And as soon as the flood stops, the storm of the round particle started in Ahwaz 2 days ago.

These are not environmental changes but the torturing of a nation behind a so-called natural disaster!

With a prejudice look, upon these disasters as natural disasters, all blames are focused on environmental neglections of Mullah regime. Which all those are undeniable facts, but are as secondary to misuse of HAARP by the USA.

World… please say, how can a nation go on with a sudden 12 million people homeless, jobless people, nothing to eat and nowhere to sleep, with no help.

Here by is a request to the world, the UN

and all the governments to stop the US and help the nation of Iran under pressure from two sides.

Women’s Power

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