To the United Nations and Humanity Please stop the maniac USA

To the United Nations and Humanity
Please stop the maniac USA

Farah Notash           Worlds Anti-imperialist Front     Women’s Power

Vienna 31.03.2019


             The USA is misusing agricultural cloud seeding technology as a weapon against the people of Iran to change the Mullah Regime. Then mischievously, it announces that the USA is beside Iranian people!  

The wild floods produced after heavy shower of constant rain are drowning people and are taking away all their belongings. So far 42 people have been killed, and thousands have been injured. A great part of a nation is becoming homeless, standing with empty hands, in cold mud and cold weather, gazing at the endless calamity the US flood has brought for them.              Many towns and villages are drowned in water. Old Persian monuments and buildings are destroyed and washed away with flood. The sewage water has contaminated everything. The danger of rising epidemics of different diseases such as cholera is threatening the life of the nation.

            The USA misused Harp technology to produce disastrous consecutive earthquakes in many towns all over Iran for the past two years. Many people died and the rest became poor and homeless. And are still homeless. As a result of deep depression due to sudden poverty and neglection, many people attempted suicide and died.

The disaster of the US regime change will never be interpreted as climate and natural disasters.

Please stand up for humanity.

Please stop the hateful, maniac USA and make it pay compensation.

Women’s Power

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