The new US colonial conspiracy.Their slogan: “Jews Out!”

The new US colonial conspiracy.
Their slogan: “Jews Out!”

Farah Notash     Worlds Anti-Imperialist Front       Women’s Power

12.02.2019   Vienna


After misusing the Moslem youth in the Daesh-ISIS Islamist army, now the US Zionist imperialists have started to misuse European youth in Neo-Nazi groups for their colonial aims in the Middle-East. During the weekend 9-10 Feb 2019 many youths from all over Europe were gathered in Neo-Nazi groups in Hungary’s Capital Budapest. They were organized to memorize a historical day in Budapest in 1945, when Nazi German forces and their Hungarian allies tried to break through their encirclement by Soviet forces. They were armed and dressed in SS uniforms, marching with the harsh slogan “Jews out!”

Out of where?! And why?

To colonialise Palestine, to make a foothold in the middle of the Middle-East, US Zionists misused the Nazis to push the Jews out of their houses and homes. The Jews were the first victims of the Zionists, who drove them out towards Palestine. That was the reason of the “Jews Out” slogan. But why is it now used once again?!

After 70 years of driving Palestinians out of their homeland, and pushing the Jews to occupy Palestine, the people of the world have not recognized and have not accepted this occupation. Recently, due to the hateful greed of warmongering Zionists, to expand the Israeli occupation, which has led many Jews to start leaving Palestine back to their original homelands and other places. Therefore, the new US Zionists organised conspiracy has started to misuse Neo-Nazi youth in order to make the Jews remain in Israel. This conspiracy has two goals, legalize Israel and provide a moral justification for the establishment of the US colony in the Middle-East.

What was a tragedy when it happened first, has now taken the form of a comedy when appearing for the second time! If those days, the slogan of “Jews out” was recognized as a sign of hatred, today it is clearly seen as a push for colonisation.

In the 21st century, colonialization is not accepted. The single human family will not be separated by any race or religions.

Stop the Zionist colonial conspiracy.

The name that will remain forever is Palestine.

Women’s Power

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